South Carolina During the 1900s - The General Assembly

Members of the 65th General Assembly - 1903 to 1904

This 65th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 13th to February 21st in 1903. The second session was held from January 12th to February 20th in 1904.

During 1902, the SC General Assembly created Lee County. Its citizens elected the first delegates to the House of Representatives and Senate during the general election of 1903.

As a result, the number of House delegates for Sumter County was reduced. Other counties had their delegates increased, while still others had their delegates increased.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Rennie Blake

Jefferson Davis Carwile

Marshall Pringle DeBruhl

Maxcy Gregg Donnald

Aiken County

William E. Johnson

B.F. Holman

Gasper Loren Toole

Richard Johnson Wade, Jr. 

George Robert Webb

Anderson County

John Kyle Hood

John Baylis Leverett

Silas Nathaniel Pearman

George A. Rankin

Milton Pyles Tribble

William Pinckney Wright

Bamberg County

Stanwix Greenville Mayfield

James Benjamin Black

Henry Spann Dowling

Barnwell County

Robert Aldrich

James O'Hanlon Patterson

Winchester C. Smith, Jr.

Richard Henry Walker

Beaufort County

Thomas Talbird

Joseph Christopher Bailey

Cornelius Julius Colcock

Joseph Glover

Berkeley County

Edward James Dennis

George Buist Davis

Edward James Dennis, Jr.

S.W. Russell

Charleston County

George Frederick VonKolnitz, Jr.

Duncan J. Baker

Bernard Peter Carey

James E. Herbert

Richard Morrison Lofton

William Turner Logan

Edward Mitchell Seabrook

Huger Sinkler

Richard Smith Whaley

Cherokee County

Thomas Bothwell Butler

William David Kirby

William Judson Sarratt

Chester County

Peter Lawrence Hardin

Arthur Lee Gaston

Thomas C. Strong

John Mahon Wise

Chesterfield County

Edward McIver

George Kershaw Laney

William Pegues Pollock

Clarendon County

Charles McQueen Davis

Ralph Smith DesChamps

John C. Lanham

James Henry Lesesne

Colleton County

James Eldred Peurifoy

William Duncan Bennett

W. Ross Fox

J.W. Hill

Darlington County

George Washington Brown

James Roland Coggeshall

William Elias James

R.G. Parnell

Dorchester County

Thaddeus Warsaw Stanland

Cyrus Mims

Edgefield County

John Calhoun Sheppard**

James William DeVore

Thomas Hobbs Rainsford

Fairfield County

Glenn Walker Ragsdale

Charles Strother Ford

William James Johnson

Thomas Woodward Traylor

Florence County

James Willard Ragsdale

Walker Byron Gause

J.M. Humphrey

J. Washington King

Georgetown County

LeGrand Guerry Walker

John Walter Doar

Mayham Ward Pyatt

Greenville County

Alvin Henry Dean

Lewis Dorrah

William Lawrence Mauldin

Benjamin Arthur Morgan

George Washington Richardson

John Olin Wingo (1)

Greenwood County

John Milton Gaines

John Hampden Brooks

Preston Brooks Callison

David Haddon Magill

Hampton County

Edwin Franklin Warren

T.O. Middleton

Julius P. Youmans

Horry County

John Alexander McDermott (2) /
George Judson Holliday (3)

Doc David Harrellson

Jeremiah Smith

Kershaw County

James Thornwell Hay

John Gardiner Richards, Jr.

Mendel Lafayette Smith*

Lancaster County

William Clifton Hough

Oscar Wrenn Potts

Thomas Yancey Williams

Laurens County

Orion Pierce Goodwin

Robert Archer Cooper

William C. Irby, Jr.

R.W. Nichols

Lee County

Thomas Gordon McLeod

B. Frank Kelley

George Myers Stuckey

Lexington County

William Henry Sharpe

Daniel Frank Efird

John Bell Towill (4)

Jacob Brooks Wingard

Marion County

James Stackhouse

Joseph Eugene Jarnigan

John Culpepper Mace

Tristram Fletcher Stackhouse

Marlboro County

Charles Spencer McCall

Johnson Pouncey Bunch

Duncan Donald McColl, Jr.

Welcome Quick

Newberry County

George Sewell Mower

Elbert Herman Aull

John Felder Banks

Arthur Kibler


Edmund Lee Herndon

William Monroe Brown

Edgar Clay Doyle

Orangeburg County

Thomas Middleton Raysor

Edgar Leonidas Culler

Daniel Oscar Herbert

Robert Lide

Adam Holman Moss

William Otis Tatum (5)

Pickens County

Charles Henry Carpenter

J. Ashmore Hinton

Matthew Hendricks

Richland County

John Quitman Marshall

Lewis Wardlaw Haskell

John McMaster (6) / William Thomas Aycock (7)

Jodie Morgan Rawlinson

John Peyre Thomas, Jr.

Saluda County

James Martin Forrest

Daniel Bird Peurifoy

Edgar Lowndes Ready

Spartanburg County

Daniel Edward Hydrick

F.C. Bates

Ibra Charles Blackwood

Horace Leland Bomar

K.D. Edwards

Samuel Theron Dejarnette Lancaster

J.M. Mahaffey

Sumter County

Richard Irvine Manning, III

John Hicklin Clifton, Jr.

Thomas Boone Fraser, Jr.

Altamount Moses

Union County

James Thomas Douglass

Henry Camillus Little

Aromanus Coleman Lyles

Williamsburg County

Asbury Hilliard Williams

William Leonidas Bass

Theodore B. Gourdin

Pressley Stirling Wall

York County

John Steele Brice

Preston DeKalb Barron

James Emitt Beamguard

James Rochelle Haile

Francis Pickering McCain
* Mendel Lafayette Smith was elected as Speaker of the House. Thomas Cook Hamer was elected as Clerk.
** John Calhoun Sheppard was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Robert Reid Hemphill was elected as Clerk.
(1) Elected as a Director of the SC State Penitentiary on January 21, 1904. Seat remained vacant.
(2) Resigned after the first session upon receiving a commission as Treasurer of Horry County.
(3) Elected to replace John Alexander McDermott, qualified on 1/12/1904.
(4) Elected as a Director of the SC State Penitentiary on January 21, 1904.
(5) Elected as a Dispensary Commissioner on January 21, 1904.
(6) John McMaster died on October 10, 1904.
(7) Elected to replace John McMaster, qualified on 1/12/1904.
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