South Carolina During the Late 1800s - 1865 to 1900

Members of the 63rd General Assembly - 1899 to 1900

This 63rd General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from January 10th to February 21st in 1899. The second session was held from January 9th to February 17th in 1900.

Some counties had their number of House delegates reduced, while others had their House delegates increased.

The general assembly voted to create Lee County in 1899 and the people elected D.E. Keels as their delegate to the House of Representatives. However, the formation of Lee County at this point in time was declared unconstitutional on January 6, 1900 by the SC Supreme Court, and the House seat was vacated at this time.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

William Norwood Graydon

Marshall Pringle DeBruhl

Frank Boyd Gary*

William Davenport Mann (1)

Aiken County

Daniel Sullivan Henderson

John Murphy Bell

Ransom Hodges Timmerman

Martin B. Woodward (2)

Anderson County

James Mattison Sullivan

Joshua Whitner Ashley

James L. Jackson

John Baylis Leverett

George Edward Prince

Richard B.A. Robinson

Bamberg County

Stanwix Greenville Mayfield

James Benjamin Black

Henry Hayne Crum (3)

Barnwell County

Robert Aldrich

William Dunbar Black (4) / Joseph B. Bates (5)

James O'Hanlon Patterson

Eliott Lucius Sanders

Beaufort County

Thomas Talbird

Joseph Christopher Bailey

Cornelius Julius Colcock

William H. Lockwood

J.G. Verdier

Berkeley County

Edward James Dennis

T.S. Browning

William K. Cross

Hawkins King Jenkins

Samuel James McCoy

Charleston County

Joseph Walker Barnwell

Thomas Wright Bacot

James Cosgrove

Philip Henry Gadsden

Richard Morrison Lofton

John Christopher Mehrtens

Julian Mitchell, Jr.

Edward Mitchell Seabrook

Huger Sinkler

William Henry Thomas

Cherokee County

Robert Clifton Sarratt

James Virgil Lambert McCraw

Calvin W. Whisonant

Chester County

John Lyles Glenn

Peter Turner Hollis

John Hardin Marion

James Wilbur Means

Chesterfield County

Whiteford Smith Blakeney

William Francis Stevenson

Tarner Threatt

Clarendon County

Louis Appelt

George R. Jones

Henry Burchill Richardson

I.M. Woods

Colleton County

William Bartow Gruber

J.W. Hill

James Wilson Miley

D.M. Varn

Darlington County

George Washington Brown

William Franklin Dargan

William Andrew Dowling

John Floyd

Dorchester County

Thomas Oliver McAlhany (6) /
Thaddeus Warsaw Stanland (7)

John Summers Wimberly

Edgefield County

John Calhoun Sheppard**

Nathaniel George Evans

Jacob Littleton Smith

William Augustus Strom

Fairfield County

Glenn Walker Ragsdale

William James Johnson

John Glover Mobley

Edward B. Ragsdale

Florence County

William Ilderton

Walker Byron Gause

Gust Hoffmeyer

James Willard Ragsdale

Georgetown County

LeGrand Guerry Walker

John Wiliam Bolts

Mayham Ward Pyatt

Greenville County

Alvin Henry Dean

Absalom Blythe

William Lawrence Mauldin

Joseph Allen McCullough

George Washington Richardson

John Olin Wingo

Greenwood County

Creswell Archimedes Calhoun Walker

Robert Hayne Henderson

David Haddon Magill

Hampton County

William Harrison Mauldin

Bailey H. Theus

William Joseph Thomas

Horry County

Robert Bethea Scarborough** /
John Alexander McDermott (8)

Jeremiah Smith

Henry Holmes Woodward

Kershaw County

James Thornwell Hay

John Gardnier Richards, Jr.

Cornelius Lawrence Winkler

Lancaster County

William Clifton Hough

J.N. Estridge

Thomas Yancey Williams

Laurens County

Columbus Rhett Wallace

Lewis Wardlaw Simkins

George Preston Smith

John Henry Wharton

Lexington County

David Jefferson Griffith (9) /
Drayton Margart Crosson (10)

Daniel Frank Efird

William Henry Sharpe

Marion County

William Alexander Brown

Stephen Upham Davis

William Joseph Montgomery

Tristram Fletcher Stackhouse

Marlboro County

James Knox Livingston

Frank Manning, Sr.

John Franklin McLaurin

Thomas Irby Rogers

Newberry County

George Sewell Mower

Coleman Livingston Blease

Hubert Henry Evans (11)

Cyril Thomas Wyche


Joseph Carson Alexander

Stiles Plumer Dendy

Edward Ebenezer Verner

Orangeburg County

Lawrence Summerfield Connor

Asbury Fletcher Hazelwood Dukes (11)

George Washington Fairey

Thomas Jefferson McLauchlin

Benjamin Hart Moss

Laurence Keitt Sturkie (12) / Thomas Frederick Brantley (13)

Pickens County

William Thomas Bowen

Laban Mauldin

Charles Evans Robinson

Richland County

John Quitman Marshall

James Rembert Hopkins

Henry Cowper Patton

Charles William Suber

Francis Hopkins Weston

Saluda County

James Butler Suddath

Bankston Leppard Caughman

Daniel Bird Peurifoy

Spartanburg County

Edgar Lycurgus Archer

Alvin Henry Dean, Sr.

Robert Joseph Gantt

Daniel Edward Hydrick

Cotesworth Pinckney Sanders

Francis Cornelius West

Sumter County

Richard Irvine Manning, III

Altamount Moses

William Allister Nettles

Ellison Durant Smith

James Harvey Wilson

D.M. Young

Union County

James Thomas Douglass

Aromanus Coleman Lyles

John Ashley Sawyer

Williamsburg County

Asbury Hilliard Williams

Samuel Wayne Gamble

John Smith Graham

Charles Wilson Wolfe

York County

William Beatty Love

Samuel Hamilton Epps, Sr.

Horace Edgar Johnson

Thomas Franklin McDow

Thomas Paul McDill
* Frank Boyd Gary was elected as Speaker of the House. Thomas Cook Hamer was elected as Clerk.
** Robert Bethea Scarborough was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. He was then elected as Lt. Governor on June 3, 1899. John Calhoun Sheppard was then elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate on January 9, 1900. Robert Reid Hemphill was elected as Clerk.
(1) Elected as a Director of the South Carolina State Penitentiary on February 2, 1900.
(2) Martin B. Woodward died on February 17, 1900.
(3) Elected as State Dispensary Commissioner of February 16, 1900.
(4) Appointed Captain of the Guards of the SC State Penitentiary by Superintendent Griffith on March 20, 1899.
(5) Elected to replace William Dunbar Black, qualified on 1/9/1900.
(6) Thomas Oliver McAlhany died on December 31, 1898 before he took office.
(7) Elected to replace Thomas Oliver McAlhany, qualified on 1/20/1899.
(8) Elected to replace Robert Bethea Scarborough, qualified on 1/9/1900.
(9) Resigned after being elected as Superintendent of the State Penitentiary on January 24, 1899.
(10) Elected to replace David Jefferson Griffith, qualified on 1/9/1900.
(11) Elected as a Director of the State Dispensary, and resigned from the House on February 17, 1900.
(12) Appointed as a Physician of the SC State Penitentiary by Superintendent Griffith circa March 20, 1899.
(13) Elected to replace Laurence Keitt Sturkie, qualified on 1/9/1900.
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