South Carolina During the Late 1800s - 1865 to 1900

Members of the 59th General Assembly - 1890 to 1891

This 59th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from November 25th to December 24th in 1890. The second session was held from November 24th to December 24th in 1891.

In 1888, the SC General Assembly established Florence County, and its citizens voted in new delegates in the 1890 general election. Darlington County and Marion County had their number of delegates in the House of Representatives reduced as a result.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

Robert Reid Hemphill

Preston Brooks Carwile

Frank Boyd Gary

Thomas Addison Graham

James Townes Robertson

James Ebenezer Todd

Aiken County

John Murphy Bell

Owen Alderman

John Gary Evans

Mansel T. Gunter

F.P. Woodward

Anderson County

James Perry Glenn

James Waddell Bowden

John Enoch Breazeale

Abner R. Cox

Julius Richard Earle

Barnwell County

Daniel Paul Sojourner (1) /
William Seaborn Bamberg (2)

Henry Calhoun Folk

James Carroll McMillan

Samuel Seymore Owens (3) / Henry Hayne Crum (4)

Arthur Howard Patterson

J. Ryerson Smith (5) / I.L. Attaway (6)

Beaufort County

William Johnson Verdier

Thomas R. Fields

Sanders Glover

James Wigg

Berkeley County

Hawkins King Jenkins

J.V. Breeland (7) / P.H.D. Blake (8)

Richard Morrison Lofton (7) / J.S. Hart (8)

Mark P. Richardson (7) / Joseph Arnold Harvey (8)

Andrew Singleton (7) / Charles A. Ravenel (8)

Thomas H. Wallace (7) / Thaddeus Warsaw Stanland (8)

Charleston County

George Lamb Buist,
Augustine Thomas Smythe

Rufus Calvin Barkley

S.C. Bissell

A.H. DuPre

John Frederick Ficken (9)

Edward Walter Hughes

George Maxwell Mears

Benjamin Huger Rutledge, Jr.

James Simons, Jr.

David A.J. Sullivan

Kirby Simth Tupper

George Frederick VonKolnitz, Jr.

John F. Witcofsky

Chester County

John Hemphill McDaniel

Jesse H. Hardin

Peter Lawrence Hardin

Candor Walker McFadden

Chesterfield County

David Townley Redfearn

James Madison Hough

Franklin Pierce Taylor

Clarendon County

Louis Henry DesChamps

James Manning Richardson

I.M. Woods

Colleton County

Archibald Campbell Sanders

J.H. Browning

John Richard Perry Fox

Isaac John Hutto

James Wilson Miley

J.R. Stokes

Darlington County

James Wesley Beasley

H.C. Burn

John Sebastian DuBose

D.C. McColl

Edgefield County

William Judson Ready (10) /
Washington Hodges Timmerman (11)

Cornelius Prioleua Boozer

Ernest Gary

Calvin W. Kinard

Washington Hodges Timmerman (11) / Henry Howard Townes (12)

William Henry Yeldell

Fairfield County

Thomas William Woodward

Thomas Scott Brice

Osmund Woodward Buchanan (13)

Thomas Woodward Traylor

Florence County

Leonard Smiley Bigham

Samuel Robert Chandler

Brown Bryan McWhite

Georgetown County

Richard Dozier

Robert Bannecka Anderson, Jr.

Walter Hazard

Greenville County

Milton Lafayette Donaldson

Hugh Blair Buist

Henry Pierce Goodwin

John Ramsay Harrison

John Alexander Mooney

Hampton County

James Washington Moore

Henry Martin Ulmer

Thomas B. Whatley

Augustus Marion Youmans

Horry County

Jeremiah Smith

J.B. Daggett

J.B. Williamson

Kershaw County

James Robert Magill

Thomas Jefferson Kirkland

G.W. Moseley

W.F. Russell

Lancaster County

Thomas Jefferson Strait

R.L. Hicklin

Ira Boyd Jones*

Laurens County

John Williams Ferguson

Anthony Cook Fuller

John Laurens Manning Irby* / Richard Cannon Watts (14)

John Griffin Williams

Lexington County

Henry Adams Meetze**

William Honor Fleming Bates

Godfrey Leaphart (15)

Marion County

Thomas Crawford Moody

Douglas McIntyre

Daniel Washington McLaurin

James Norton

Marlboro County

William DeWitt Evans

John Lowndes McLaurin (16)

Hugh Milton Stackhouse

Newberry County

Joseph Lawrence Keitt

Coleman Livingston Blease

William D. Hardy

John W. Scott


Robrt Elijah Mason

Julius Lewis Shanklin

Albert Zimmerman

Orangeburg County

James William Stokes

Lawrence Summerfield Connor

John Henry Dukes

John Conrad Holman

Onan Beverly Riley

A.T. Wolfe

Pickens County

William Taylor O'Dell

William Thomas Bowen

Charles Henry Carpenter

Richland County

John Trimmier Sloan, Jr.

Benjamin Livingston Lindsay Abney

Edward Joseph Brennan

Lysander D. Childs

John Cheves Haskell

Henry Cowper Patton

Spartanburg County

Robert Marion Smith

George Bobo Dean

Marcus Obadiah Rowland

Robert Clifton Sarratt

John Stanyarne Wilson

Sumter County

Henry Taylor Abbott

Arthur Kendrick Sanders (17) / W.K. Creswell (18)

Frank Mellett (17) / J.E. DuPre (18)

Altamount Moses

Robert M. Pitts

Union County

Glenn Dickson Peake

Godfrey B. Fowler

John Randolph Jefferies

Robert Little (19) / John Wesley Gregory (20)

Williamsburg County

Asbury Hilliard Williams

David L. Brown

Henry Edison Eaddy

Samuel Allen Graham

York County

William Blackburn Wilson, Jr.

W. Norman Elder

David Edward Finley

Robert Henry Glenn

William Whyte
* John Laurens Manning Irby was elected as Speaker of the House. He resigned from the House on December 23, 1890 after being elected to the U.S. Senate. Ira Boyd Jones was then elected as Speaker of the House on December 23, 1890. James Walter Gray was elected as Clerk.
** Henry Adams Meetze was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Sampson Pope was elected as Clerk.
(1) Resigned in May of 1891 due to ill health.
(2) Elected to replace Daniel Paul Sojourner, qualified on 11/24/1891.
(3) Samuel Seymour Owens died on December 30, 1890.
(4) Elected to replace Samuel Seymour Owens, qualified on 11/24/1891.
(5) J. Ryerson Smith died on July 8, 1891.
(6) Elected to replace J. Ryerson Smith, qualified on 11/24/1891.
(7) Won the general election of November 4, 1890 and qualified to take their seats in the House on November 25, 1890. The entire election was protested and these seats were vacated on December 9, 1890.
(8) These five men were selected after winning their protest of the general election of November 4, 1890, and all five men qualified on December 9, 1890 and took their seats.
(9) Resigned from the House on December 12, 1891 after being elected Mayor of Charleston.
(10) William Judson Ready died on January 16, 1891.
(11) Elected to replace William Judson Ready, qualified in the Senate on 11/24/1891.
(12) Elected to replace Washington Hodges Timmerman, qualified on 11/24/1891.
(13) Resigned from the House on December 8, 1891 because he already held a disqualifying office with the Federal Government, which he had accepted in January of 1891.
(14) Elected to replace John Laurens Manning Irby, qualified on 11/24/1891.
(15) Godfrey Leaphart died on December 13, 1891.
(16) Elected as Attorney General of SC on December 9, 1891, resigned from the House on the next day.
(17) Elected in the general election of November 4, 1890 and qualified on 11/25/1890. However, their election was protested due to irregularities.
(18) The House voted to seat Creswell and DuPre in place of Sanders and Mellett on December 8, 1890, and they were seated by December 10, 1890.
(19) Robert Little died on December 26, 1890.
(20) Elected to replace Robert Little, qualified on 11/24/1891.
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