South Carolina During the Late 1800s - 1865 to 1900

Members of the 52nd General Assembly - 1876 to 1878

This 52nd General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from November 28th to December 22nd in 1876. The second session was held from November 27th to December 20th in 1877, then from January 16th to March 22nd in 1878. A Special Session was convened from April 24th to June 9th in 1877.

Delegate counts for the House of Representatives were adjusted.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Chappell Maxwell (1)

William Kidd Bradley

Francis Asbury Conner

Robert Reid Hemphill

William Hood

Thomas L. Moore

Aiken County

Andrew Pickens Butler

Lewis Monroe Asbill

John Gabriel Guignard

Claude Epaminondas Sawyer

James J. Woodward

Anderson County

John Robert Cochran

William Carroll Brown

James Lawrence Orr

Richard Wright Simpson

Henry R. Vandiver

Barnwell County

Jones M. Williams (2) /
Thomas Jefferson Counts (3)

Robert Aldrich

Isaac S. Bamberg

John Wesley Holmes

Millidge Aidis Rountree

Laurins Winkler Youmans

Beaufort County

Samuel Greene (4) /
Joseph W. Collins (5)

Hastings Gantt

Thomas Hamilton

Thomas Ezekiel Miller

Nathaniel B. Myers

George A. Reed

Joseph Robinson

Charleston County

Samuel Eden Gaillard (6) / James Butler Campbell (7),
William Nelson Taft

(8) William J. Brodie / George Lamb Buist

Richard Bryan / John Calhoun Cain

Benjamin F. Capers / Sidney C. Eckhard

F. S. Edwards / D.W. Erwin

John F. Ficken / John Frederick Ficken

Adam P. Ford / Thomas B. Hacker

William C. Glover / E.O. Hall

Joseph S. Lazarus / Henry Harper

Joseph J. Lesesne / Benjamin K. Kinloch

E.W.M. Mackey / Franz Melchers

James McElvoy / Christopher Gustavus Memminger

William G. Pinckney / Josiah Cockfield McKewn

Isaac Prioleau / Bernard O'Neill

B. H. Rutledge / Robert Barnwell Rhett, Jr.

Benjamin F. Smalls / Benjamin Huger Rutledge

Jacob Smalls / Charles Henry Simonton

Julius C. Tingman / R.D. White

John Vanderpool / Seat Not Required

Chester County

Dublin J. Walker (9) /
William Alexander Walker (10)

Purvis Alxander

Samuel Coleman

John Lee (11) / John James Hemphill (12)

Chesterfield County

William Augustus Evans

James Campbell Coit

David Tomley Redfearn

Clarendon County

Jared D. Warley (13) /
John Laurence Manning (14)

Hampton Boston

Syfax Milton

Colleton County

William Fabriel Myers

H.E. Bissell

John N. Cummings

Robert Jones

William Maree

Lewis E. Parler

Darlington County

Benjamin Franklin Whittemore (15) /
William Caleb Coker (16)

Richard H. Humbert

Samuel J. Keith (17) / George William Dargan (18)

Jackson A. Smith

Zachariah Wines

Edgefield County

Martin Witherspoon Gary (19)

Walter Scott Allen

James Callison

Thomas E. Jennings

Hugh A. Shaw

John Calhoun Sheppard*

Fairfield County

Israel Bird

Daniel Bird (20) / Henry Augustus Gaillard (21)

John Gibson (22) / Thomas Scott Brice (23)

Prince R. Martin

Georgetown County

Bruce H. Williams

Charles Samuel Green

P.K. Kinloch

Greenville County

Stephen Stanley Crittenden

Joseph Thomas Austin

James Franklin Donald

James Walter Gray

John Latimer Westmoreland

Horry County

William L. Buck

Lucian Dillard Bryan

John Robertson Cooper

Kershaw County

Frank Carter

Eugene Herriot Dibble (24)

Reuben D. Gaither (24)

Allison W. Hough (24)

Lancaster County

Frederick Albert Clinton (25) /
John Dunovant Wylie (26)

Julius C. Blakeney

John Bratton Erwin

Laurens County

Rutherford Pressley Todd (27)

David Wade Anderson

Joseph Benson Humbert

James Washington Watts

Lexington County

Henry Adam Meetze

Godfrey Leaphart

Gerhard Muller

Marion County

Richard Grandison Howard

John Gilchrest Blue

James Preston Davis

James McRae

Robert Hampton Rogers

Marlboro County

Henry J. Maxwell (28) /
Charles Spencer McCall (29)

Thomas Nelson Edens

Philip May Hamer

Newberry County

Henry C. Corwin (30) /
James Nathan Lipscomb (31)

Sampson S. Bridges

Thomas Keitt (32) / George Johnstone (33)

William H. Thomas (34) / Young John Pope (35)


James William Livingston

Benjamin Franklin Sloan

John Samuel Verner

Orangeburg County

Samuel L. Duncan

Christian Westley Caldwell

Ellis Forrest

Shadrach Morgan

William H. Reedish

Daniel Augustus Straker (36) / Samuel Dibble (37)

Pickens County

Robert Esli Bowen

E.H. Bates

David Franklin Bradley

Richland County

William Beverly Nash (38) /
John Herman Kinsler (39)

Andrew W. Curtis

William M. Lowman

Charles S. Minort (40) / John Cheves Haskell (41)

Robert John Palmer

James Wells

Spartanburg County

Gabriel Cannon

Ezra Sylvester Allen

William Poole Compton

Charles Petty

John Wesley Wofford

Sumter County

William E. Johnston (42) /
Thomas Boone Fraser (43)

William J. Andrews

Thomas Brent Johnston (44) / John B. Johnston (45)

John Holt Feriter

John H. Westberry

Union County

Thomas Bothwell Jeter**

William Jefferies

Glenn Dickson Peake

William Henry Wallace* / Robert Wallace Shand (46)

Williamsburg County

Stephen A. Swails** /
James McCutchen (47)

John Evans

James Farmer Peterson

William Scott

York County

Isaac Donnom Witherspoon

William Bolivar Byers

J. A. Deal

Adolphus Eugene Hutchinson

Benjamin Harper Massey
* William Henry Wallace was elected as Speaker of the House. He was then elected as a Judge of the 7th Judicial Circuit of SC on December 5, 1877 and he resigned from the House on December 7, 1877. John Calhoun Sheppard was then elected as Speaker of the House on December 7, 1877. John Trimmier Sloan was elected as Clerk.
** Stephen A. Swails was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. He resigned on November 27, 1877. Thomas Bothwell Jeter was then elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate on November 28, 1877. Josephus Woodruff was elected as Clerk. He resigned on November 27, 1877. Thomas Stobo Farrow was then elected as Clerk on November 28, 1877.
(1) Election protested, but no evidence that it was overturned. He qualified on 4/24/1877.
(2) Jones M. Williams died on February 14, 1877.
(3) Elected to replace Jones M. Williams, qualified on 4/24/1877.
(4) Resigned after the first session.
(5) Elected to replace Samuel Greene, qualified on 1/18/1878.
(6) Resigned on October 15, 1877 due to an investigation of his activities.
(7) Elected to replace Samuel Eden Gaillard, qualified on 12/1/1877.
(8) In the general election of October 1876, those to the left of the hash mark (/) were elected. The House refused to seat these men on May 29, 1877, during the Special Session, because of their involvement in the rival "Mackey House" during November and December of 1876. In a new election, those to the right of the hash mark (/) were elected and then seated for the remainder of this general assembly.
(9) Dublin J. Walker resigned on April 25, 1877 after his arrest for issuing fraudulent teacher pay certificates.
(10) Elected to replace Dublin J. Walker, qualified on 5/18/1877.
(11) Elected in the general election of 1876, but he was deemed ineligible since he already held the office of Postmaster at the town of Chester.
(12) Seated in place of John Lee on April 27, 1877 since he had the third highest number of votes in the 1876 general election.
(13) Resigned after the first session.
(14) Elected to replace Jared D. Warley, qualified on 1/17/1878.
(15) Resigned after the Special Session in 1877.
(16) Elected to replace Benjamin Franklin Whittemore, qualified on 11/27/1877.
(17) Resigned circa November 1, 1877.
(18) Elected to replace Samuel J. Keith, qualified on 12/5/1877.
(19) Election protested, but no evidence that it was overturned. He qualified on 4/24/1877.
(20) Resigned on April 25, 1877.
(21) Elected to replace Daniel Bird, qualified on 5/16/1877.
(22) Resigned on April 28, 1877.
(23) Elected to replace John Gibson, qualified on 5/16/1877.
(24) The election in Kershaw County was protested by W.Z. Leitner, but the protest was disallowed on 5/2/1877, and those listed took their seats. 
(25) Resigned after the first session.
(26) Elected to replace Frederick Albert Clinton, qualified on 12/7/1877.
(27) Election protested, but no evidence it was successful. He qualified on April 24, 1877.
(28) Resigned in October of 1877 following his convinction for bribery.
(29) Elected to replace Henry J. Maxwell, qualified on 11/27/1877.
(30) Resigned on October 12, 1877, after his election was protested by James Nathan Lipscomb.
(31) Henry C. Corwin's election was declared invalid on December 6, 1877, Lipscomb qualified for the SC Senate on the same date.
(32) Expelled from the House on December 1, 1877 for the crime of bigamy, for which he was confined in the Newberry County Jail.
(33) Elected to replace Thomas Keitt, qualified on 1/16/1878.
(34) William H. Thomas was denied his seat on May 1, 1877 for his gross contempt and defiant attitude against the law and the dignity of the House.
(35) Elected to replace William H. Thomas, qualified on 11/27/1877.
(36) Daniel Augustus Straker was denied his seat on May 1, 1877 for his gross contempt and defiant attitude against the law and the dignity of the House.
(37) Elected to replace Daniel Augustus Straker, qualified on 6/1/1877.
(38) Resigned before October 15, 1877, after an investigation for defrauding the state.
(39) Elected to replace William Beverly Nash, qualified on 11/27/1877.
(40) Resigned circa November 10, 1877 following an indictment for accepting a bribe to vote for John J. Patterson as U.S. Senator from South Carolina in 1873.
(41) Elected to replace Charles S. Minort, qualified on 11/27/1877.
(42) Resigned after the first session.
(43) Elected to replace William E. Johnston, qualified on 12/11/1877.
(44) Thomas Brent Johnston was denied his seat on May 30, 1877 because he refused to purge himself of contempt for qualifying in the Mackey house. His seat was declared vacant on December 3, 1877.
(45) Elected to replace Thomas Brent Johnston, qualified on 1/17/1878. There was a controversy over his election, and after a long investigation, he was allowed to take his seat on the date he qualified.
(46) Elected to replace William Henry Wallace, qualified on 1/16/1878.
(47) Elected to replace Stephen A. Swails, qualified on 1/16/1878.
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