South Carolina During the Antebellum Period - 1801 to 1860

Members of the 15th General Assembly - 1802 to 1804
This General Assembly convened in two regular sessions, held from November 22nd to December 18th in 1802, and held from November 21st to December 17th in 1803. A Special Session was convened from May 10th to May 16th in 1804.

House of Representatives

Election District


Abbeville District

James Gowdey

Josiah Patterson

John Weatherall

All Saints Parish
(in the Horry District & Georgetown District)

William Vereen, Jr.

Barnwell District
(aka Winton election district)

Stephen Curry

Darling Peoples

Lawrence Trotti (1)

Chester District

Thomas Baker Franklin

John McCreary (2) / George Gill (3)

Chesterfield District

Allan Chapman

William Falconer

Christ Church Parish
(in the Charleston District)

Charles James Air (4) / John R. Witherspoon (5)

Joseph Alston

Anthony Vanderhorst Toomer

Claremont District
(in the Sumter District)

Anthony Butler

John Ervin James (6) / Ezekiel DuBose (7)

Clarendon District
(in the Sumter District)

James Burchill Richardson (8) / Charles Richardson (9)

John Peter Richardson

Darlington District

James Russell, Jr.

Samuel Wilds (10) / Timothy Dargan (11)

Edgefield District

LeRoy Hammond

Richard Johnson, Jr.

Samuel Mays

Fairfield District

David Read Evans

William McMorris

Georgetown District
(aka Prince George's, Winyah Parish)

Joseph Blyth

Erasmus Rothmaler

Samuel Wragg

Greenville District

Thomas Edwards

James Kilgore

Horry District

Thomas Fearwell

Thomas Livingston

Kershaw District

James Chestnut* / Isaac DuBose (12)

Willis Whitaker

Lancaster District

James Douglass

John Montgomery

Laurens District

William Burnsides

Robert Hutchinson

Starling Tucker

Marion District

James Ervin

Thomas Harlee

Marlboro District

William Thomas Easterling (13)

William Pledger

Newberry District

William Calmes

John Hampton

George Harbert

Orange Parish
(in the Orangeburg District)

John Hill

James Stewart

Pendleton District

Elijah Brown

Eliab Moore

John Taylor

Prince William's Parish
(in the Beaufort District)

Alexander Robert Chisolm

Berkeley Ferguson

William Maine Hutson

Richland District

Thomas Henry Egan

John Goodwyn

St. Andrew's Parish
(in the Colleton District)

John Ladson Fraser (14) / Daniel Elliott Huger (15)

Christopher Fuller

Thomas Hunt

St. Bartholomew's Parish
(in the Colleton District)

Arthur Hughes

William Cotesworth Pinckney

Richard Singleton, Jr.

St. George's, Dorchester Parish
(in the Colleton District)

James Preston Appleby

William Ioor

James Ransom Stewart

St. Helena's Parish
(in the Beaufort District)

William Reynolds (16)

John Rhodes

Richard Bedon Screven

St. James, Goose Creek Parish
(in the Charleston District)

David Deas

John DuPont

Moses Glover

St. James, Santee Parish
(in the Charleston District)

Peyre Gaillard

Elias Horry

Frederick Rutledge (17) / Philip Tidyman (17) / Richard Shackleford (18)

St. John's, Berkeley Parish
(in the Charleston District)

Gabriel Gignilliat (19) / James Richbourg (20)

Robert McKelvey

George Porcher

St. John's, Colleton Parish
(in the Colleton District)

Lewis Gibbes (21) / William Meggett (21) (22)

Richard Jenkins

Benjamin Seabrook

St. Luke's Parish
(in the Beaufort District)

Joseph Bellinger

Abraham DuPont

Christopher Edward Leacraft

St. Matthew's Parish
(in the Orangeburg District)

Robert Hailes

Benjamin Hart

St. Paul's Parish
(in the Colleton District)

William Boone Mitchell

Thomas Smith, Jr.

Thomas Wilson

St. Peter's Parish
(in the Beaufort District)

David DeLoach

James Porcher

Seth Stafford (23)

St. Philip's & St. Michael's Parish
(in the Charleston District)

Thomas Bennett

Langdon Cheves

Thomas Corbett, Jr.

John Dawson

Henry Deas

John Drayton

John Horlbeck, Jr.

Basil Lanneau

James Lowndes

Henry Middleton

Thomas Pinckney

John Cordes Prioleau

Keating Lewis Simons

Thomas Simons

Thomas Somersall

St. Stephen's Parish
(in the Charleston District)

Theodore Gaillard

John Palmer, Jr.

Peter Porcher, Jr.

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish
(in the Charleston District)

Thomas Joell

Thomas Mitchell

Isham Williams

Saxe Gotha District
(in the Orangeburg District)

John Bynum (24) / Joseph Williams (25)

Alexander Boling Stark

Robert Stark**

Spartanburg District

Berryman DeLaShumate (26) / William Thompson (27)

Isham Harrison (28) / William Lancaster (29)

Union District

Joseph Gist

William Kennedy

Williamsburg District

John Dickey

Robert Witherspoon

York District

William Hill

John McClennahan

James Mitchell


Election District


Abbeville District

Joseph Calhoun

All Saints Parish

Thomas Young (30) / Paul Michau (31)

Barnwell District

Charles Goodwin

Christ Church Parish

James Hibben

Clarendon & Claremont District

Thomas McFadden

Edgefield District

Arthur Simkins

Fairfield, Chester, & Richland Districts

Thomas Taylor

Georgetown District & Williamsburg District

John James

Greenville District

Elias Earle

Horry & Marion Districts

Thomas T. Wickham (32) / Leonard Dozier (33)

Lancaster & Kershaw Districts

Robert D. Montgomery

Laurens District

James Saxon

Marlboro, Chesterfield, & Darlington Districts

Alexander McIntosh
Benjamin Roger

Newberry District

Levi Casey (34) / William Thomas Caldwell (35)

Pendleton District

Thomas Farrar

Prince William's Parish

John McPherson

St. Andrew's Parish

James Ladson

St. Bartholomew's Parish

O'Brien Smith

St. George's, Dorchester Parish

Mathias Hutchinson

St. Helena's Parish

Robert Gibbes Barnwell

St. James, Goose Creek Parish

William Allen Deas

St. James, Santee Parish

Samuel Warren

St. John's, Berkeley Parish

Robert Marion

St. John's, Colleton Parish

John Ward***

St. Luke's Parish

James Postell

St. Matthew's Parish & Orange Parish

Henry Dana Ward

St. Paul's Parish

William Washington

St. Peter's Parish

Samuel Maner

St. Philip's & St. Michael's Parish

John Blake
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

St. Stephen's Parish

John Gaillard***

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish

Roger Pinckney

Saxe Gotha District

John Threewits

Spartanburg District

Henry Wells

Union District

John Blassingame

York District

Andrew Love (36) / William Smith (37)
* Declined to serve.
** Elected Speaker of the House. Thomas Lee was elected Clerk, and was later elected as an Associate Justice of the Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions on 5/15/1804. Richard Gantt was elected as Clerk on 5/16/1804, replacing Thomas Lee.
*** John Ward was elected President of the Senate, but he resigned due to illness in his family on 11/24/1803. John Gaillard was elected as President of the Senate on 11/24/1803 to replace John War. David Ellison Dunlap was elected Clerk, but he died on 9/10/1804.
(1) Elected as Sheriff of the Barnwell District on December 2, 1803. Resigned his seat in the House
(2) Elected as Sheriff of the Chester District on December 10, 1802. Resigned his seat in the House.
(3) Elected to replace John McCreary, qualified on 11/24/1803.
(4) Charles James Air was murdered on March 5, 1803.
(5) Elected to replace Charles James Air, qualified on 11/28/1803.
(6) John Ervin James died on November 21, 1803.
(7) Elected to replace John Ervin James, qualified on 12/12/1803.
(8) Elected as SC Governor on December 8, 1802, had to give up his seat in the House.
(9) Elected to replace James Burchill Richardson, qualified on 11/24/1803.
(10) Elected as Solicitor of the Northern Circuit on 12/18/1802, had to give up his seat in the House.
(11) Elected to replace Samuel Wilds, qualified on 11/18/1803.
(12) Elected to replace James Chestnut, qualified on 12/10/1802.
(13) Elected as Ordinary of the Marlboro District on December 8, 1803.
(14) Died on September 20, 1803.
(15) Elected to replace John Ladson Fraser, qualified on 12/5/1803.
(16) Elected in the general election of 1802, but no evidence that he qualified or actually served.
(17) Received equal votes in the general election of 1802, promulgating a special election.
(18) Elected in a special election, qualified on 12/5/1803.
(19) Died in 1803.
(20) Elected to replace Gabriel Gignilliat, qualified on 11/29/1803.
(21) Election irregularities promulgated a special election.
(22) Elected in a special election, qualified on 11/24/1803.
(23) Elected in the general election of 1802, but no evidence that he qualified or actually served.
(24) Elected as Surveyor General of South Carolina on December 8, 1802, had to give up his seat in the House.
(25) Elected to replace John Bynum, qualified on 11/24/1803.
(26) Berryman DeLaShumate died on either 11/30/1802 or 12/1/1802.
(27) Elected to replace Berryman DeLaShumate, qualified on 11/24/1803.
(28) Elected as Sheriff of the Spartanburg District on 12/14/1802, had to give up his seat in the House.
(29) Elected to replace Isham Harrison, qualified on 11/24/1803.
(30) Thomas Young died on March 21, 1804. 
(31) Elected to replace Thomas Young, qualified on 5/12/1804.
(32) Granted a leave of absence on 12/1/1803 and died sometime between that date and 6/11/1804.
(33) Elected to replace Thomas T. Wickham, qualified on 5/11/1804.
(34) Resigned after the first session to take his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.
(35) Elected to replace Levi Casey, qualified on 11/24/1803.
(36) Moved from the state sometime between December of 1802 and November of 1803.
(37) Elected to replace Andrew Love, qualified on 11/24/1803.
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