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Bacchus, NC

Burnsville, NC
Was the Black Mountain Railroad.
Kona to Micaville still has tracks but may not be operational.

Around 1928, most of the timber in the area had been depleted, and the Black Mountain Railroad line from Eskota to Burnsville was removed. On the remainder of the line, traffic was reduced so steadily over the next twenty years that in 1951 the Clinchfield Railroad applied for abandonment with the Interstate Commerce Commission. Permission was granted with one stipulation - If local interests wanted to acquire and operate the line, the Clinchfield Railroad was obligated to sell the line at a fair market price.

Local interests did step forward and purchased the line for $22,000, then acquired a new locomotive. A small engine shed was erected in Burnsville, and the railroad was renamed to the Yancey Railroad in 1955. The line showed a profit until 1971, when one major shipper closed its plant. In 1972, Hurricane Agnes moved inland and washed out several bridges on the line. Additional flooding in 1977 washed out the entire line from Burnsville to Micaville.

The Yancey Railroad held on until the early 1980s, when operations finally ceased. At this time, a large portion of the tracks were used to store unwanted boxcars from other railroads.

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