North Carolina Railroads - Wilmington, Newbern & Norfolk Railroad


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Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

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Wilmington, NC

Norfolk, VA
* 1894 - Renamed as Wilmington & Newbern Railroad. However, many official records indicate that this was never used, and the line continued to be known as the Wilmington, Newbern & Norfolk Railroad. As part of the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad, it was known as the W&W - Wilmington, Newbern & Norfolk Branch, and was considered to be part of the overall Atlantic Coast Line as soon as it was chartered.
February 8, 1894 - Re-organization of the Wilmington, Onslow & East Carolina Railroad.

From a March 18, 1897 article in the New York Times:

On the application of the State Trust Company of this city the Wilmington, Newbern and Norfolk Railroad has been placed in the hands of a receiver, H.A. Whiting. The road operates 88.41 miles of 4.9 gauge track from Wilmington to Newbern, N.C., and its president is Thomas A. McIntyre. It cost $2,397,000 and its liabilities are $2,442,000. The mortgage figuring in the proceedings is for $1,200,000.

Towns on Route:


Scotts Hill

Topsail Sound > Topsail (1907)

Holly Ridge (1893)

Peanut (1881-1897)

Stump Sound > Folkston (1902)

Dixon (1895)

Amans Store > Verona (1894)


Kellum (1901)


Polloksville > Pollocksville (1947)

Debruhls (1888-1896)

New Berne > Newbern (1892) > New Bern (1918)

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