North Carolina Railroads - Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conway Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

Original Ending Point





Chadbourn, NC

Conway, SC
* 1895 - Re-organized as the Wilmington & Conway Railroad.
Was the Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conwayborough Rail Road.

From the 1st Annual Report of the North Carolina Railroad Commission, dated December 31, 1891:

The Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conway Railroad Company was organized January 31st, 1883, under the laws of the States of North Carolina and South Carolina. Consolidated with the Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conway Railroad Company of South Carolina, April 27th, 1887. No limitation as to duration of charter.

The purpose of this company was to construct a road from Chadbourn in the county of Columbus to the dividing line between the States of North Carolina and South Carolina running mainly in the direction of Conwayboro in South Carolina.

President------------------------------ William H. Chadbourn--------------- Wilmington, NC.
First Vice-President------------------- H. Butters--------------------------------------------
Secretary-Treasurer------------------- J. H. Chadbourn, Jr.------------------ Chadbourn, N. C.
Attorney, or General Counsel.--------- R. B. Scarborough-------------------- Conway, S. C.
Auditor-------------------------------- J. B. Chadbourn---------------------- Chadbourn, N. C.
General Manager ---------------------- J. H. Chadbourn, Jr.----------------- Chadbourn, N. C.
Chief Engineer------------------------- H. H. Edgerton, Jr.------------------- Chadbourn, N. C.
General Freight Agent------------------ J. B. Chadbourn--------------------- Chadbourn, N. C.
General Passenger Agent -------------- J. B. Chadbourn--------------------- Chadbourn, N. C.

Property Operated:

Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conway, from Hub, N. C., to Conway, S. C., 53 miles.

In 1887, the enterprising Chadbourn Lumber Company of North Carolina built a railroad from the Wilmington, Columbia, & Augusta Railroad south to the Waccamaw River to open up the forests of northern Horry County for the timber industry.

The Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conwayborough Railroad extended the company’s rails from Mt. Tabor, NC, to Conway, SC and ran the first train into Conway on December 15, 1887.

This company differed from most in that it paid in silver dollars which it hauled in kegs along the route to pay the construction workers. The silver was accompanied by armed guards, but there is no record of any attempt to hijack the payroll.

This railroad was acquired by the Wilmington, Columbia & Augusta Railroad in 1896, which was already considered to be part of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.

Towns on Route (in NC):

Chadbourn (1882)

Clarendon (1885)

Mount Tabor (1885) > Tabor (1895) > Tabor City (1935)

NC/SC State Line

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