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Year Line Operational

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1870* /

Wilmington, NC

Camden, SC
** - 1887 - NC State Legislature and SC State Legislature finally confirmed the name change to the Wilmington, Columbia & Augusta Railroad.
* 1870 - Name changed to the Wilmington, Columbia & Augusta Railroad, but this name change was not confirmed by the NC State Legislature and the SC State Legislature until 1887. 
Was the Wilmington & Manchester Railroad.
The Wilmington & Manchester Railroad was chartered in 1847 and opened in 1854 from Wilmington west to Camden Crossing, SC on the South Carolina Railroad's branch to Camden - a total of 161-1/2 miles. After the U.S. Civil War, the company was acquired in 1870 by the Wilmington & Carolina Railroad, opening an extension west to Columbia, SC in 1873.

From the 2nd Annual Report of the South Carolina Railroad Commissioner, dated October 31, 1880:

"The Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad Company was originally the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad Company, running from Wilmington to Kingsville, S.C.

"The Wilmington and Manchester Railroad was chartered by the State of South Carolina, December 18th, 1846, and by the State of North Carolina, January 9th, 1847. This Road was sold under orders of the Courts of North and South Carolina for the purpose of foreclosing the various mortgages, January 5, 1870.

"Was purchased by Messrs. W.T. Walters, B.F. Newcomer, and D.W. James, for themselves and trustees for others. Was chartered as the Wilmington and Carolina Railroad Company, by the State of South Carolina, March 1st 1870, and the State of North Carolina, March 1st, 1870, with power and authority to change the name, as the majority of the persons who are purchasers may designate and adopt at their first meeting, after the passage of this Act. At a meeting held April 26th, 1870, the name was changed to the Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad Company, to go into effect April 27th, 1870. Was opened to Columbia, S.C., about 13th of December, 1871."  

Towns on Route (in NC):


Hoods Creek (1850s)

Robeson > New Berlin (1907)

Brinkleys (1850s)

Byrdsville (1860)

Maxwell (1858) > Bolton (1866)

Turnout No. 1 (1860s) > Waccamaw (1883)

Green Swamp (1855)

Flemington (1868) > Lake Waccamaw (1883)

Bogue (1861) > Hallsboro (1884)

Peacocks Store (1854)

Grists Station (1866) > Grists (1892)

Cerro Gordo (1853)

Fair Bluff

NC/SC State Line

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