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Leland, NC

Southport, NC

The Sunny Point facility is operated by the 597th Transportation Group, on a 16,000-acre, Army-owned site in southern Brunswick County, North Carolina. The facility, began in 1951 and opened in 1955, is the key ammunition shipping point on the Atlantic Coast for the Department of Defense. The huge installation, located between NC Highway 133 and the Cape Fear River, was built with a large undeveloped buffer zone and huge sand berms for safety.

The Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point, NC is the largest ammunition port in the nation, and the Army's primary east coast deep-water port. It provides worldwide trans-shipment of DoD ammunition, explosives, and other dangerous cargo under the command of the 1303rd Major Port Command. Munitions are brought in by truck or train and loaded aboard ships bound for Europe. It also supports Fort Bragg. If the 82nd Airborne Division is mobilized, which can happen anytime at short notice, heavy equipment and bulk supplies and ammunition for the division and its supporting units would be shipped out of Sunny Point.

Sunny Point has a railroad to Leland, NC, which is 18-1/2 miles north and where the cargo is dropped off at the interchange yard owned by the Army. This interchange yard has six or seven tracks parallel to each other and the commercial railroad drops the cargo off there and leaves it. Sunny Point has its own locomotives and they go up to the interchange yard, pick up the cargo there, and bring it in to Sunny Point.

The Army has agreed with two other local rail users, Carolina Power & Light and Archer Daniels Midland, to bring some of their cargo down the railroad and put it into one of their yards before they get to Sunny Point. These private firms pay Sunny Point MOT so much a car to deliver and then they pick them up later and take them back to the railyard in Leland.

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