North Carolina Railroads - South Carolina & Georgia Extension Railroad.


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

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TN/NC Line Marion, NC Shelby, NC Edgefield, SC

Marion, NC Shelby, NC Camden, SC Aiken, SC
+ 1902 - Acquired by Southern Railway on June 28, 1902 and merged into its Carolina Division.

In 1890, financial disaster struck the Charleston, Cincinnati & Chicago railroad. A major investor, Baker Brothers & Company, failed in the financial panic of the time, and the courts ordered that the railroad go into receivership. In May of 1893, the railroad was sold to its bondholders and a new corporation was established - the Ohio River & Charleston Railway.

The new company was disjointed, with management going in too many different directions with varying sets of priorities. Many investors wondered if the decades-old dream of joining the Ohio River and the Atlantic Ocean via rail would ever happen in their lifetimes.

Sometime between 1896 and 1898, the Ohio River & Charleston Railway acquired the recently reorganized Carolina & Cumberland Gap Railway, which was the Carolina, Cumberland Gap & Chicago Railroad until an 1896 reorganization.

In August of 1898, the line from Marion, NC to Camden, SC and the line from Edgefield to Aiken was sold to the South Carolina & Georgia Railroad Company, which operated it as the South Carolina & Georgia Extension Railroad Company for a short time.

In 1900, the northern line (in KY) was sold to the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. This left the Ohio River & Charleston Railway with only the middle section, which ran from Johnson City, TN, into the mountains of North Carolina.

In 1902, the line was acquired and merged into the Carolina Division of Southern Railway.

Was the Ohio River & Charleston Railroad.

Towns on Route (in NC):

NC/TN State Line

Hollow Poplar > Poplar (1896)


Huntdale (1900)

Green Mountain

Red Hill

Toecane (1902)

Wing (1900)


Spruce Pine


Woodlawn (1898)



Vein Mountain

Thermal City

Union Mills


Ruth (1906)

Forest City




Patterson Springs

Earl Station > Earl (1895)

NC/SC State Line

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