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Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC
With the legislative Act ratified on January 9, 1833, the Experimental Rail Road was led by Joseph Gates, William Polk, William White, John C. Stedman, Thomas Cobbs, George W. Mordecai, E. P Guion, Western R. Gales, William H. Haywood, Junior, and their associates. Click Here to view the original legislative Act.
Clearly given the simple name as shown above, this short-lived railroad was commonly called the Raleigh Experimental Railroad by most contemporaries.

The Raleigh Experimental Railroad carried quarried stone in wooden carts drawn by horses over the rails to the new state capital being built.

In Raleigh, a company was set up in mid-1832 for this experimental railroad. The officers of the Raleigh Experimental Railroad were Joseph Gates, President; John C. Stedman, Treasurer; Alfred Williams, Secretary; and Managers/Directors: William Polk, Thomas Cobbs, E. P. Guion, Henry M. Miller. The company was incorporated by the General Assembly in late 1832, ratified on January 9, 1833.

Construction contracts were issued in the fall of 1832 and the line of 1.25 miles of wooden rails started operating in 1833. On Sundays, passengers could ride on this horse-drawn railroad.

In 1833, John Primrose served as Treasurer, being replaced in June/July 1834 by B. B. Smith.

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