North Carolina Railroads - Norfolk, Wilmington & Charleston Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Planned Starting Point

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Never in Ops

Never in Ops

Norfolk, VA

Charleston, SC
Found on one map dated 1891 with projected route. Never built.

This name briefly surfaced in 1891 and included a map, a relatively uncommon feature of speculative railroads. Its appearance caused a good deal of confusion and excitement as a flurry of news dispatches quickly made the rounds. They described an improbable, if not downright imaginary, network joining Norfolk, VA with Charleston, SC via Wilmington, NC, Southport, NC, and Conway, SC.

Claims were made about purchasing railroad lines that didn't exist, or lines that hadn't yet been built. Newspaper articles at the time went on to describe additional trunks to the west to connect to interior states, and all of this was projected to be accomplished in about three years. The story was soon debunked, and the company remained an ephemeral concept.

Portions of the idea actually materialized in the form of the East Carolina Land & Railway Co. and the Wilmington, Onslow & East Carolina Railroad.

Directly above was provided in October of 2016 by Mr. Mark Koening of the Wilmington Railroad Museum in Wilmington, NC.

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