North Carolina Railroads - Norfolk & Carolina Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

Original Ending Point





VA/NC Line

Tarboro, NC
* 1893 - Merged into the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Retained its name until ?
Was the Chowan & Southern Railroad, name changed during construction.
The Norfolk & Carolina Railroad opened in 1890 as a connection from the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad's branch to Tarboro, NC northeast to Pinner's Point, VA, serving the Hampton Roads area.

From the 1st Annual Report of the North Carolina Railroad Commission, dated December 31, 1891:

The Chowan & Southern Railroad Company was chartered in North Carolina, March 7th, 1887, and January 21st, 1889, and in Virginia. May 5th, 1887, and January 27th, 1888. The main line of the road was completed in the latter part of 1889; road opened April 1st, 1890. On February 14th, 1889, the name was changed to the Norfolk & Carolina Railroad Company. This company was chartered for the purpose of constructing a railway between Tunis Landing on the Chowan River through the counties of Hertford and Bertie, to some point on the Roanoke River in the county of Bertie, with the privilege of extending its line on the south or west of Roanoke River to any point on the Tar or Neuse rivers, and northwardly to the county of Gates, to any point on the Virginia State line.

President ----------------------------- W. G. Elliott ------------------------- Wilmington, NC.
Vice-President ------------------------ H. Walters -------------------------- Wilmington, NC.
Secretary-Treasurer ------------------- C. G. Elliott-------------------------- Norfolk, VA.
Auditor General----------------------- W. A. Riach-------------------------- Wilmington, NC.
Assistant Auditor --------------------- Spencer LeGrand -------------------- Norfolk, VA.
General Manager --------------------- G. M. Serpell ------------------------- Norfolk, VA.
Chief Engineer ------------------------ B. R. Dunn.--------------------------- Wilmington, NC.
General Freight Agent ---------------- T. M. Emerson ----------------------- Wilmington, NC.
General Passenger Agent-------------- T. M. Emerson----------------------- Wilmington, NC.
Superintendent Transportation --------- J. R. Kenly--------------------------- Wilmington, NC.

Property Operated:

A. Main line, from Pinner's Point, VA, to Tarboro, NC, (miles)-------------------- 100.49
B. Pig Point Branch, from Bruce, VA, to Pig Point and Belleville, VA, (miles)------- 6.53
Bennett's Pasture Branch, from Driver's, VA, to Bennett's Pasture, VA, (miles)----- 1.55
To S. and R. Raiload, from Armistead, VA, to S. and R. Railroad, (miles)---------- 1.13
Miles of line for each class of roads named ---------------------------------------- 109.79

Towns on Route (in NC):

NC/VA State Line

Drumhill (1892)

Adoir (1890) > Gates (1903)

Sarem (1889)

Roduco (1902)

Eure (1890)


Cofield (1898)

Ahoskie (1889)

Earleys (1890)


Kelford (1892)

Neal (1890)



Speed (1894)


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