North Carolina Railroads - Mount Mitchell Railroad


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Black Mountain, NC

Mount Mitchell, NC

The Dickey & Campbell Company was one of the largest lumber producers in western North Carolina, and in 1911 it began construction of a narrow gauge railroad that originated at Black Mountain and traveled over twenty-one (21) miles of track to Mount Mitchell. The line included nine (9) switchbacks, extremely sharp curves, and some grades over 5-1/4%.

In 1913, the company was sold to Perley & Crockett Company of Williamsburg, PA, who invested over one million dollars in developing their newly-acquired mill and railroad. By 1914, the line reached Camp Alice, near the summit of Mount Mitchell.

Tourist trains ran from 1913 to 1918, when government pressure forced the end in favor of spruce lumber removal - which was needed by the massive airplane development during World War I.

In 1920, the Perley & Crockett Lumber Company ceased logging in the area, and the Mount Mitchell Scenic Railroad was organized to resume tourist excursions to the summit of Mount Mitchell. In 1921, this was abandoned in favor of a toll road, and the tracks were removed for their scrap value.

Towns on Route:

Black Mountain


Bluemont (1907) > Ridgecrest (1912)

Mount Mitchell

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