North Carolina Railroads - Halifax & Weldon Railroad


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Year Line Operational

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Weldon, NC

Halifax, NC
*1875 fully consolidated into the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad and gave up its name.
1837 acquired by the Wilmington & Raleigh Railroad, but retained its own name.

Under the provisions of its charter, the Halifax & Weldon Railroad Company procured its right of way, and laid out and constructed the roadbed and road from Weldon to Halifax, a distance of some eight miles, and entirely in the county of Halifax. The corporation had no rolling stock, but permitted the Portsmouth Railroad Company, during the year 1836, to run its cars over its roadbed and track. In 1837, an Act was passed by the NC General Assembly entitled 'An Act Empowering the Halifax & Weldon Railroad Company to Subscribe their Stock to the Wilmington & Raleigh Railroad Company.'

Pursuant to the provisions of this act, the Halifax & Weldon Railroad Company and the Wilmington & Raleigh Railroad Company entered into an agreement on February 14, 1837, which agreement was in all respects executed and carried into effect by those corporations. The Act authorized the stockholders of the Halifax Company to subscribe its stock on the books of the Wilmington & Raleigh Railroad Company.

The Halifax & Weldon Railroad retained its name until 1875, when it was officially consolidated into the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad and gave up its name.

This very short railroad was the second line operational in the state of North Carolina - it connected to the first, the Petersburg Railroad, in 1836.

In 1892, a lawsuit made it all the way to the US Supreme Court over this acquisition back in 1836, and more information is available online - Click Here.

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