North Carolina Railroads - Danville & Western Railway / Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

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Danville, VA

Leaksville, NC

Danville & Western Railroad Station in Leaksville, NC c.1912
*1894 - Leased by Southern Railway.  1903, back as an independent railway. 1907, back under Southern Railway.
+ 1891 - Organized on January 14, 1891 under the laws of Virginia.
Was the Danville & New River Rail Road. Acquired by the Richmond & Danville Railroad and renamed.

The Danville & Western Railroad, fondly known as “Dick & Willie,” ended in Stuart, VA. There still is a Patrick County road named Dick & Willie. At the line’s end, in downtown Stuart, the Dick & Willie had a hand operated Train Turntable. The downtown area was affectionately known as the Depot.

This company was also known as the Danville & Western Railroad, apparently being reorganized at least once during its lifespan - unsure which name was used first since both names cross multiple timeframes.

It was leased by Southern Railway but allowed to operate independently.

From the 1st Annual Report of the North Carolina Railroad Commission, dated December 31, 1891:

Only one mile in North Carolina. Operated by the Richmond & Danville Railroad company.

Towns on Route (in NC):

NC/VA State Line

Sharp (1884-1900)

Draper (1906) > Eden (1968)

Spray (1890) > Leaksville-Spray (1924)

Leaksville > Leaksville-Spray (1924)

The Thirteenth Annual Report of the North Carolina Commission for the Year Ending December 31, 1911, with Compilations from Railroad Returns for the Year Ending June 30, 1911, includes the route of the Danville & Western Railway:

Towns on Route (8 miles):
VA/NC State Line
Meadow Summit

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