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Charlotte, NC

Augusta, GA

1870 Timetable
*1878 acquired by Richmond & Danville Railroad. Officially merged into the Richmond & Danville Railroad in 1882. Retained its line name until 1894, when it was merged into Southern Railway. Purchased by Southern Railway on August 21, 1894.
+ 1881 - Leased the Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio Railroad, extending service from Charlotte to Statesville.

+ 1882 - Leased the Cheraw & Chester Railroad for 99 years.

+ 1882 - Leased the Chester & Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad.

+ 1869 merger of the Columbia & Augusta Railroad and the Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad.

Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad Banknote 1873

In the late 1860s, the Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad expanded westward from Columbia to Augusta, Georgia. Dr. Edward Jones Mims persuaded William Johnston, president of the railroad, to run the line through his 1200-acre Mims Plantation. In return, Dr. Mims agreed to name the new town for Mr. Johnston - so, the town of Johnson Station was created in 1868, later to be shortened to Johnston.

Construction of the Chester & Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad slowed down, and the line did not reach Lincolnton until July 1881. Funds were then exhausted, so the owners appealed for help from the Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad. An agreement was reached to lease the railroad to the Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad in exchange for completion of the railroad into Lenoir, North Carolina, a distance of nearly thirty-seven (37) miles.

Before the lease could take effect, on September 22, 1882, the Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad was merged into the Richmond & Danville Railroad. Their owners decided to honor the previous commitment and construction continued to Lenoir began soon thereafter.

From the 1st Annual Report of the North Carolina Railroad Commission, dated December 31, 1891:

The Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad Company was chartered in 1846; road opened in 1852. The Columbia & Augusta was chartered in 1865, and the road opened in 1859. They were consolidated in July, 1869.

The Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad, with its leased lines (Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio Railroad, and Chester & Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad), is leased to the Richmond & Danville Railroad Company for a term of ninety-nine years, from May, 1886.

The original purpose of the Act incorporating the Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad Company was to establish a communication by rail between the town of Charlotte, North Carolina, and some point on the South Carolina Railroad in the State of South Carolina, with a capital stock of $1,500,000. This corporation was exempt from taxation for a period of fifteen years, from January 2, 1847—the day on which the Act of incorporation was ratified. It was allowed to increase its capital stock to $2,000,000, by an Act to produce conformity in the charters granted to the Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad Company, by the States of North and South Carolina, ratified January 29, 1849.

Property Operated:

Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta, from Charlotte, NC, 10.94 miles [in NC].

From an October 3, 1882 article in the New York Times:

COLUMBIA, S.C., Oct. 2. - The Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad Company has effected the lease of the Cheraw & Chester Narrow-gauge Railroad for a period of 99 years. The lessors agree to pay an annual dividend of 1-1/2 per cent, on the capital stock of the road and the interest on the bonds. They also assume all the floating indebtedness and other liabilities, and agree to complete the road from Chester to Lancaster within 12 months from the date of the lease by building a bridge across the Catawba River. The bonded indebtedness of the road amounts to $100,000 and its capital stock to about the same sum. With the lease of this road the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad Company now owns the entire narrow-gauge system of the State, with all the valuable franchises secured to these roads by the acts of the Legislature under which they wer constructed. It is charged that the lease of the Cheraw and Chester Railroad was effected without consulting the tax-payers of the Counties of Chester and Lancaster, which issued bonds to build the road, and although the vote of the stockholders was nearly unanimous in favor of the lessee, it is not improbable that an effort will be made to take the matter to court.

From a December 2, 1893 article in the New York Times:

Headline: A NEW RECEIVERSHIP - Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Road in Separate Hands. A separate receivership for the Charlottte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad and its dependencies has been established in compliance with orders from the United States Circuit Courts for the District of South Carolina and the Western District of North Carolina. This action makes a legal distinction between the road named and the Richmond and Danville system, although Samuel Spencer, F.W. Hudekoper, and Reuben Foster, the Richmond and Danville receivers, have been appointed also the receivers for the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Road.

The newly-applinted receivers took possession of the property yesterday, and issued a general order, making the folling appointments: General Manager - W.H. Green; General Agent - A.B. Andrews; General Counsel - H.L. Bond, Jr.; Traffic Manager - Sol Haas; Controller - A.S. Dunham; Treasurer - John W. Hall; Assistant Treasurer - W.H. Marbury.

The Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Road has heretofore been known as the South Carolina Division of the Richmond and Danville, and yesterday General Manager Green reappointed all the officers, agents, and employees of the department, and appointed the following additional officers: Joseph P. Minetree, General Purchasing Agent; R.D. Wade, Superintendent of Motive Power; C.A. Darlton, Superintendent of Telegraph.

President A.B. Andrews of the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Road issued the following order yesterday date at Columbia, S.C.: "By decree of the Circuit Court of the United States for the Eastern District of Virginia, the receivers of the Richmond and Danville Company have turned over all of the railroad, and property of the Cheraw and Chester Railroad Company and the Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad Company, to the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad Company, and the undersigned, as President, has this day taken possession and assumed the operation of the Cheraw and Chester and the Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroads. Mr. L.T. Nichols is hereby appointed Superintendent, with office at Chester, S.C.

The decrees for a separate receivership were made in cases brought against the various roads by the Central Trust Company of New-York.

In 1894, this railroad was merged into Southern Railway as shown above.

Towns on Route (in NC):


Griffith (1885)

Hebron (1877)

Morrows (1850s)

Mount Moriah > Pineville (1852)

NC/SC State Line

Line Extension - Statesville to Charlotte (1881):


Poison Springs (1886) > Barium Springs (1889)

Troutmans > Troutman (1956)

Ostwalt (1895)

Granite Hill > Granitehill (1895) > Shepherds (1903)

Spring Grove


Mount Mourne

Davidson College > Davidson (1891)


Alexandriana > Croft (1886)

Derita (1882)


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