North Carolina Railroads - Camp LeJeune Railroad


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Havelock, NC

Camp LeJeune, NC
Built and owned by Norfolk Southern Railway.

The Camp LeJeune Railroad filed a request to abandon 5.5 miles from m.p. CK-2.5 at Camp Lejeune to m.p. CK-8.0 at Marine Junction, North Carolina, Effective March 4, 2001. (STB Docket No. AB-290, Sub No. 209X, decided Feb 1, served Feb 2, 2001).

No freight service had originated or terminated on the line since June of 1999. Two shippers located on the line, Barrus Concrete (APAC Carolina, Inc.) and Eastern Rulane Sales Corp. did not oppose the proposed abandonment, so the abandonment was effective on March 4, 2001.

The Camp LeJeune Railroad operated over the line under a lease from the federal government, but even though the government owned the line, it never operated it as a common carrier. Camp LeJeune Railroad's lease expired in August of 1999, at which time it stopped service on the line. According to Camp LeJeune Railroad, the feds will not renew the lease because it wants the property. The city of Jacksonville and the NCDOT plan to use the property for a trail, commercial development, and to accommodate street improvements.

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Camp LeJeune

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