North Carolina Railroads - Asheville & Tennessee Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Planned Starting Point

Planned Ending Point




Never in Ops

Asheville, NC

NC/TN Line
aka Asheville & Northern Railroad. Planned route found on 1917 map. Strongly considered but never went past the talking stage.
Chartered as the Asheville & Northern Railroad, but found on several maps as the Asheville & Tennessee Rairload, no track was ever laid, and no rolling stock was ever purchased. The holding company simply owned a franchise which allowed the construction of a possible line between Asheville and the NC/TN State Line. It never went any further than being chartered.
In 1887, the NC Legislature passed an Act to charter the Atlantic & Tennessee Railroad. There is no evidence that this line was ever constructed.

Towns on Proposed Route (1917 map):


Glen Rock Station


Mars Hill



NC/TN State Line

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