North Carolina - Legislative Acts on Rail Roads

The Legislature of North Carolina used its powers to control the charters of railroads within the state by passing legislative Acts, which provided the names of the incorporators, the powers and restrictions placed upon the companies, the routes of each railroad, and the time given to begin and complete construction for each railroad.

A large number of railroad charters were never fulfilled by their incorporators. Funds ran out during every phase of construction, and these railroads were either never launched or never completed. The lucky ones were acquired by other parties and usually renamed and/or re-organized with new management. Many of the railroads identified in the following webpages cannot be found in any historical context - they were chartered by the NC Legislature, but there is no evidence that they proceeded any farther. Some probably did; most did not.

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Legislative Acts from 1831 to 1900 - in Date Order

Legislative Acts from 1831 to 1900 - in Alphabetical Order

Legislative Acts from 1901 to 2000 - in Date Order

Legislative Acts from 1901 to 2000 - in Alphabetical Order


Railroad Charters Issued Since 2001

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