The Known Towns/Villages of North Carolina

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Towns of Early Statehood

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Towns That Never Had a PO


There is virtually no way to know for certain ALL of the small towns, villages, hamlets, etc. that were settled in North Carolina over the past three centuries. Maps were not produced each year, and even those that were printed did not annotate every community in existence at that point in time. Go figure.

Many places were nothing more than a "cross road" with two or three families nearby. Some grew quickly then faded just as quickly. Many changed names - some many times. And with the creation of new counties out of older counties, many towns and villages may have started out in one county and ended up in another county - some two or three times.

To date, hundreds of maps have been consulted and this site offers "at least a sentence or two" on each found town or village that sprang up prior to 1800 in North Carolina - some that continue to this day, many that do not. You will also find at least something provided for each County Seat. As time permits, more will be added if it comes available.

While it is not humanly possible for one person to research and prepare a history for each and every town, village, hamlet, cross road, local store or bridge that existed in the past three hundred plus years, the Author welcomes others' input and will certainly add serious histories for any town not already included herein - or, additions to those that do already exist herein.

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