A History of Waynesville, North Carolina

Haywood County Court House - Waynesville, North Carolina

The town of Waynesville was founded in 1809 by Colonel Robert Love, a Revolutionary War soldier. He donated land for the courthouse, jail and public square, and named the town after his commander in the war, Major General "Mad" Anthony Wayne. Waynesville is the County Seat for Haywood County, North Carolina.

Waynesville also has a connection to another war. With news of General Robert E. Lee's surrender traveling slowly, the American Civil War continued in Western North Carolina. The final shots of that war, east of the Mississippi River, were fired near Sulphur Springs, and General James Martin surrendered honorably on May 9, 1865.

Agriculture has always played a large part in the area's economy, but after World War II, industry moved to the forefront. Today, tourism also plays a major role. In July, 1995, the towns of Hazelwood and Waynesville merged into one community of 9,750 citizens. With a great climate, growing cultural environment, extensive recreational areas and educational opportunities for all ages, Waynesville rates very high on quality of life issues.

Haywood Court House was granted a U.S. Post Office on June 24, 1814, and its first Postmaster was John B. Love. The name was changed to Waynesville on March 14, 1829, and its first Postmaster was R. Love. It has been in continuous operations ever since inception.

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