A History of Tyrrell Court House, North Carolina

As one might expect, early records do not exist to determine the origins of Tyrrell County with any degree of certainty. From the research of others, it appears that the newly-appointed justices for Tyrrell County had a difficult time deciding where to locate their county seat, so for the early years court was held in private homes.

The first court house was not built until sometime between 1744 and 1748, with most folks leaning towards the latter date. In 1748, a court house was built on Kendrick's Creek (now Mackeys Creek), and the hamlet that eventually sprang up was simply called Tyrrell Court House and this location served the citizens well until 1774.

What significant act transpired between 1774 and 1777 in Tyrrell County (other than the US Revolution - no known battles in Tyrrell) is not currently known to this Author - but, it turned out to be prophetic, whatever it was. In 1777, the court house was relocated to the east side of the Scuppernong River to a second location, also aptly named Tyrrell Court House.

In 1799, Washington County was created from Tyrrell County, and where the first court house was located (on Kendrick's Creek) was now part of the newly-created Washington County. It is doubtful that anyone acting in the 1770s would have foreseen this, but it was fortuitous that the court house was moved in 1777.

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