A History of Spring Hill, North Carolina

A small town named Spring Hill can be found on many maps dated from 1790 to 1800, thereby indicating that it was established earlier. So far, I have not been able to uncover when it was founded nor when it disappeared. Scotland County continues to use the name as one of its townships, and there is a large cemetery named Spring Hill Cemetery with many headstones.

Spring Hill Baptist Church is one of the oldest in Scotland County, having been organized at Spring Hill in 1813. It was moved to Wagram much later. At Spring Hill, the Reverend Mr. Whyte preached in the morning in English and in the afternoon in Gaelic, for there were many Scottish people in the settlement who knew no English.

Many years prior to the settlement of Wagram, the community center was called Spring Hill and was located approximately a mile west of the present town. Here on the banks of the Shoe Heel Creek were the Spring Hill Baptist Church, the Spring Hill School, organized in 1820, a grist mill and a number of houses. The Spring Hill School or Academy was probably the first school in what is now Scotland County. The nearby Spring Branch Baptist Church is one of the oldest black churches in the area, dating back to the days of the Civil War.

John Charles McNeill - 1874-1907

In 1905, John Charles McNeill became the first winner of the Patterson Cup for literary excellence in North Carolina, his entry a manuscript of poems later published as Songs Merry and Sad. His death at the age of thirty-three at his family home in Riverton brought sorrow to his fellow North Carolinians in a way usually reserved for the passing of a beloved statesman. A year later, another collection of his verse, Lyrics from Cotton Land, was published, assuring his reputation. McNeill had considered calling this volume Possums and Persimmons, and a new collection by that title appeared in 1977, edited by Richard Walser. It's a tribute to his enduring appeal that The Pocket John Charles McNeill (St. Andrews Press, 1990) sold out. He is buried at the old Spring Hill Cemetery in Scotland County, and his birthplace near Wagram has been restored.

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