A History of Sarecta, North Carolina

Six years before Duplin County materialized, a small hamlet in western New Hanover County began to come together - the small town of Sarecta, a lifelong dream of Mr. Henry McCulloch, Esq. Mr. McCulloch was a very enterprising man, and he somehow convinced the Crown for him to represent their interests in the colony of North Carolina in the early 1730s, immediately after the Crown wrested control of the colony from the Lords Proprietors in 1729.

As one of many "agents" acting on behalf of the Crown, Mr. McCulloch coordinated the "marketing" and actual "implementation" of bringing thousands of immigrants to North Carolina, starting in 1736 and lasting well up to the outbreak of the American Revolution. In this capacity, Mr. McCulloch received payment in the form of hundreds of thousands of acres of land, which he traded, sold, or leased - all across the rapidly expanding colony. For more about this interesting character, click here.

The town of Sarecta was established by Mr. McCulloch in 1744 on the east bank of the North East River - at the time part of New Hanover County, now in Duplin County. When the locals were fighting for the creation of Duplin County in 1749 and 1750, Mr. McCulloch argued in favor of having the Court House located in the existing town of Sarecta - a growing community of more than ten log homes and decent sandy streets.

The first Justices agreed to having the court house in Sarecta, but the House of Burgesses in New Bern vetoed their choice. Even though vetoed, Mr. McCulloch continued to fight for Sarecta for four more years - finally conceding to being outnumbered in votes to have the court house located more centrally - McCulloch being the primary reason Duplin went without a county seat until 1755.

Sarecta was incorporated in 1787, and it was granted its first US Post Office on 2/25/1830 - the first Postmaster was Mr. John Miller. This office was closed in 1854 and the town was without a Post Office again until 1871. The second Post Office closed in 1876 and the town went without again until 1883. The third Post Office lasted twenty years, finally closing for good in 1903.

Sarecta was granted a US Post Office on February 25, 1830, and its first Postmaster was Mr. John Miller. On January 24, 1854, this PO was closed down, reason unknown. The second incarnation of Sarecta was granted a US Post Office on August 7, 1871, with Postmaster Mr. Chauncey Smith. On February 29, 1876, the PO was closed down, reason unknown. The third incarnation of Sarecta was granted a US Post Office on June 26, 1883, with Postmaster Mr. Lee Albertson. It was closed permanently on March 31, 1903, reason unknown.

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