A History of Rockford, North Carolina

In 1779, the court house of Surry County was established at Richmond on land of Colonel Martin Armstrong and William Shepherd. In 1789, Surry County was divided and Stokes County was formed from part of it. When this was done the old court house was inconvenient for either county. Therefore, the Act dividing the county specified that the court was to be held at the home of Richard Horn until a new court house, prison, and stocks could be erected at a central place. Another Act passed that year directed the old court house to be sold and the money be equally divided between Surry and Stokes, the proceeds to be used on their respective court houses.

In 1789, Rockford was established on fifty-three acres of land deeded by Thomas and Moses Ayres for that purpose. Commissioners were named to erect public buildings. Rockford remained the County Seat of Surry County from 1790 to 1851, when in 1850 Yadkin County was created from Surry County and the old County Seat was no longer convenient to the populace. Dobson was created in 1851 as the new County Seat and has been ever since.

Rockford was granted a US Post Office on January 1, 1795, and its first Postmaster was Mr. Thomas Lester. It has been in continuous operation ever since.

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