A History of Northampton Court House, North Carolina

With no useful records available to tell us where the first County Seat for Northampton County was located, one has to rely upon old maps, some that have no real county boundaries defined - but, some of them do show most rivers and many small to large creeks. In looking at Collet's 1770 map, Mouzon's 1775 map, Price-Strother's 1808 map, and MacRae-Brazier's 1833 map (earlier maps are almost useless), once can piece together an approximate location for Northampton Court House.

It seems to have been very close to where all subsequent County Seats have been situated - at least within five miles or thereabouts - and established there in 1741. Best guess is that it was a little south and west of what is today Jackson - but, certainly not the exact location as some assert - however, the early map-makers were not as accurate as later ones. The Court House was moved to Atherton in 1806, which was later named Jackson - the current County Seat.

Northampton C.H. was granted a US Post Office on January 1, 1804, and its first Postmaster was Mr. William Taylor. On January 13, 1836, the US Post Office Department officially changed the name to Jackson, with Postmaster Mr. William S. Tisdale. It has been in continuous operation ever since.

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