A History of Newland, North Carolina

Avery County Court House - Newland, North Carolina

After Avery County was formed in 1911, work began on the court house and the present day Avery County Historical Museum in 1912. The Avery County Court House is two-story with a beautiful crowning cupola, and kept to the traditional Neoclassical Revival style of other North Carolina Court Houses, and is located in the county seat, Newland.

Newland, at an elevation of 3,621 feet, is the highest county seat in eastern America. Newland is located in the mountains of western North Carolina and is known for the many Christmas Tree farms, which surround this small town. The population was 698 in 2010.

Newland was incorporated in 1913, as the county seat of the newly-formed Avery County. Its original name was “Old Fields of Toe” because it is located in a broad flat valley and is at the headwaters of the Toe River. It was named Newland after the sitting Lt. Governor William Calhoun Newland, who was critical in creating the new county and county seat.

Where Newland stands now had been a mustering place for Civil War troops. Toe is short for “Estatoe,” an Indian chief’s daughter who drowned herself in the river in despair because she could not marry a brave from another tribe.

Newland was granted a U.S. Post Office on October 20, 1912, and its first Postmaster was Harry B. Burleson. It has been in continuous operation ever since inception.

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