A History of Littleton, North Carolina

State Historical Marker - Person's Ordinary - Littleton, North Carolina

The oldest landmark in the Halifax County town of Littleton, Person’s Ordinary is a restored, one-and-one-half story house with a three-room plan which once served as a tavern owned by Thomas Person (1733-1800). Active in the Regulator movement and in time a prominent Anti-Federalist leader, Person was also a planter. His nephew and adopted son, William Person Little, inherited Person’s plantation, which took the name “Little Manor.”

The town of Littleton, in turn, took its name from “Little Manor.” The town’s first mail service originated at the ordinary and Little served as the first postmaster.

Person’s Ordinary, in operation by 1770, was a stagecoach stop between Hillsborough and Halifax. It became a popular stop for many travelers. The following advertisement appeared in the Virginia Gazette in 1779:

“Stolen from the subscriber in Warren County, near Thomas Person’s Ordinary, a sorrel horse, etc. The thief has been seen with the above horse in his possession near the Butterwood Ordinary in Amelia County. Reward $100 etc. signed, Unity Coleman.”

In 1925, the old inn became the property of the Warren County Board of Education. In 1957, the Littleton Women’s Club leased the building from the school board and subsequently restored the structure. Staff of the Department of Archives and History advised on the restoration and state funds were appropriated for the purpose.

According to the Depression Era WPA book entitled, "North Carolina - A Guide to the Old North State" within the Federal Writers Project named the American Guide Series, first published in 1939 by the University of North Carolina Press, the town of Littleton "was founded before the Revolutionary War and named for William P. Little, whose parents built Mosby Hall. Part of Little's private race track followed what is now Mosby Avenue. Lumber manufacturing and truck farming are the chief occupation."
When founded, Littleton was first in Bute County, until 1779 when Bute County was split into Warren County and Franklin County, and Bute County was abolished. In 1840, Littleton was considered to be in Halifax County.
Littleton was granted a US Post Office on April 7, 1820, and its first Postmaster was Mr. William P. Little. At that time, Littleton was considered to be in Warren County, but in 1840 it was considered to be in Halifax County. The Post Office has been in continuous operation ever since inception in 1820.

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