A History of Henderson, North Carolina

In 1785, the General Assembly was petitioned to authorize the removal of the existing court house in Montgomery County due to its inconvenient location that required ferrying across the Yadkin River. In 1791, an Act was passed directing that the center of the county be located by actual survey, at which place Stokes was to be established. The commissioners, however, failed to act, and in 1792 new commissioners were named.

The courts were to be held at the home of Mark Kennet unless the justices decided on some other place more convenient. In that year, Henderson was established at the confluence of the Yadkin and Uwharrie Rivers. In 1795 the court house, on the land formerly belonging to James Tindall, was authorized to be sold. Tindallsville had been established in that year.

This town of Henderson is not to be confused with the current county seat of Vance County, also named Henderson. Apparently, this one was either abandoned or renamed prior to 1881 when Vance County was established.

As Montgomery C.H., the town was granted a US Post Office on January 1, 1795, and its first Postmaster was Mr. John Burke. This PO remained in operation until December 24, 1823, when the new County Seat of Lawrenceville's PO was opened, and the one at Henderson was closed permanently.

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