A History of Germanton, North Carolina

For the first 17 years, Hyde County's official business was conducted in the town of Bath, County Seat of Beaufort County - from 1712 to 1729. The first Hyde Court House was built on the land of William Webster on the west bank of the Pungo River in 1729. From 1729 to 1738, this location was simply named Hyde C.H. In 1738, it was named Woodstock.

The Court House at Woodstock burned around 1789. In 1790, an Act was passed moving the court house to Bell's Bay or Jasper's Creek - quite a bit east of the Pungo River. Simply called (again) Hyde C.H. from 1791 to 1792, it was renamed to Germantown in 1792 by another Act authorizing the establishment of a town on the land belonging to German Bernard "where the court house now stands."

Germantown remained as the county seat until 1820, when in that year the court was moved to Lake Landing on the southeastern shore of Lake Mattamuskeet. Germantown obtained a US Post Office on January 15, 1816 and its first Postmaster was Seth B. Jordan.

In 1826, the US Post Office Department forced the town to change its name to Germanton since there was an earlier-established town in Stokes County, NC already named Germantown. This PO closed down for good on May 1, 1844. Not sure when the town actually faded away, but the ironic part is that the Stokes County town ended up changing its name from Germantown to Germanton also.

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