A History of Cumberland Court House, North Carolina

As is typical with many of the early-established counties, the first county seat for Cumberland County, North Carolina was simply named Cumberland Court House, and it was established soon after the county was created in 1754. Situated on the south side of the Lower Little River where this joins the Cape Fear River, Cumberland C.H. was eleven years ahead of the next town in Cumberland County - Cross Creek, which was founded less than six miles south of the county seat in 1765.

Many locals assert that this hamlet acquired the name of Choffington, and it was located essentially where the town of Linden is now in Cumberland County. Might be true, but the old maps do not make such indication - however, we all know that the old map-makers were not as accurate as those nowadays. All the maps of the mid-1700s indicate that Cross Creek was very close to Cumberland Court House, certainly not as far away as present Linden is.

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