A History of Cherry Chapel, North Carolina

The names of the parish church and the chapels as well as their possible location are matters of interest. The Vestry Book never refers to the parish church in any way except as “the church,” but from a study of the early maps of the area, especially the well-known Mouzon map of 1775, it seems almost certain the parish church was known as “Cherry Chapel” and that it was located near the center of the county, not far from what is now Mount Carmel Baptist Church. That this was the location of an early Anglican Church is further attested by deeds transferring land in that area and by older residents there who have heard it as a tradition.

On many of the maps between 1775 and 1800, there appears to be a small town in Northampton County called Cherry Chapel. These references may not be for an actual town but simply a parish church, but it is unlikely. However, there are no other records or clues to indicate that a town actually existed.

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