A History of Boone - Sampson County, North Carolina

A dot on a map made in 1799 is the singular reference found to the small village of Boone, located on the northern bank of the Neuse River in northeastern Sampson County, North Carolina, near its border at the time with Wayne County and Johnston County.


Well folks, the Neuse River never officially ran through Sampson County. Or, did it? The only historical reference that might make some sense of this is the fact that in 1803 the boundary line between Sampson County and Johnston County had never been legally established, and an Act that year named commissioners to establish the line and file a report in each county. In 1804, the Legislature again named commissioners to establish the line between Sampson County and Johnston County - apparently the 1803 commission did not reach a conclusion. No details are currently available on the results.

Therefore, the 1799 map-maker (name not on the map) drew the boundaries of Sampson, Wayne, and Johnston counties as he deemed appropriate - and showed that a village named Boone was in Sampson County.

The only question is - which present-day county would it have been located? The highest probability would be Johnston County, with Wayne County being a close second choice. However, the placement of the "dot" alongside the Neuse River could just have easily been an error and the true location might actually be Sampson County.

The final note here would be - this would be the first instance of a village or town being named Boone in the State of North Carolina. The next Boone was created in Watauga County in 1850.

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