President Nathaniel Rice's Executive Council

Dates: 1752 to 1753

Locations Met: See Below

Governor Gabriel Johnston died on July 17, 1752.

On August 4, 1752, the Executive Council met at Winnebah (Winnabow) on Cape Fear. Those present were:
- Nathaniel Rice
- Matthew Rowan
- James Murray
- John Swann
- John Rutherfurd

Rice, Rowan, Murray, Swann, and Rutherfurd were identified as Member of His Majesty's Council.

Nathaniel Rice was elected as President of the Executive Council and Acting Governor of North Carolina. He took the oaths of office and his seat on this Executive Council.

He issued a proclamation for all civil officers to continue their duties until further notice.

On September 14, 1752, England and America converted from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. The Julian date of Wednesday, September 2nd was followed by the Gregorian date of Thursday, September 14th. Henceforth, the New Year started on January 1st instead of March 25th.
Nathaniel Rice died on January 28, 1753.
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