The Royal Colony of North Carolina

5th House of Burgesses - 1734/35

The 5th House of Burgesses during the Royal Period met in Edenton from January 15th to March 1st in 1734/35. The second Royal Governor, Gabriel Johnston, took the oaths of office the previous November 2nd.

This is also considered to be the 1st House of Burgesses under Royal Governor Gabriel Johnston.

On November 29, 1734, Governor Gabriel Johnston and his Executive Council ordered that the Freeholders elect new representatives to the General Assembly and for it to meet in January of 1734/35.

On December 9, 1735, Governor Gabriel Johnston informed the General Assembly that it was prorogued until January 20, 1735/36, then dissolved it. The Executive Council agreed.

Election District


Beaufort Precinct

Dr. Patrick Maule

Robert Turner

Bertie Precinct

James Castellaw

John Dawson

John Harrold (1) / John Hodgson (1)

Arthur Williams

George Wynns

Bladen Precinct
(created in 1734)

Hugh Blaning

John Dolleson

Carteret Precinct

Thomas Lovick

Arthur Mabson

Chowan Precinct

Dr. George Allen

William Badham

Col. Henry Bonner

Henderson Luten

Thomas Luten

Craven Precinct

William Handcock

George Roberts

Currituck Precinct

John Caroon (Caron)

James Chetham

John Etheridge

Thomas Lowther

Thomas Williams

Edgecombe Precinct

Maj. Barny McKinnie

Col. James Milliken

Hyde Precinct

Samuel Sinclaire

Thomas Smith

New Hanover Precinct

Job Howe (2) / Maurice Moore (2)

James Swann

Onslow Precinct

James Foyle

Charles Harrison

Pasquotank Precinct

Gabriel Burnham

Caleb Sawyer

Charles Sawyer

Daniel Sawyer

Jeremiah Symons

Perquimans Precinct

Zebulon Clayton

Charles Denman

Joshua Long

Richard Skinner

Samuel Swann

Tyrrell Precinct

Capt. William Downing*

Stephen Lee

Town of Bath 

Roger Kennion (Kenyon)

Town of Edenton

Charles Westbeer

Town of New Bern 

Walter Lane
* Capt. William Downing was elected Speaker of the House. Joseph Anderson was appointed Clerk. 
(1) John Harrold and John Hodgson received equal votes in the general election. The House seated John Harrold.
(2) Job Howe's election was contested and a new election was ordered. Maurice Moore won in the second election.
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