The Royal Colony of North Carolina

2nd House of Burgesses - 1733

The 2nd House of Burgesses during the Royal Period met in Edenton from July 3rd to July 18th in 1733.

This is also considered to be the 2nd House of Burgesses under Royal Governor George Burrington.

On March 29, 1733, Governor Burrington and his Executive Council ordered that Freeholders were to elect their representatives in May for an Assembly to convene in June. It did not convene until July 3rd, as shown above. On July 4th, Governor Burrington and his Executive Council agreed to prorogue the sitting General Assembly, and on that day Governor Burrington addressed the House of Burgesses. They apparently remained in session for two more weeks.

Election District


Beaufort Precinct

Dr. Patrick Maule

Maj. Robert Turner

Bertie Precinct

James Castellaw

Isaac Hill

William Kinchen

Arthur Williams

Capt. George Wynns

Carteret Precinct

Charles Cogdell

Joshua Wickers

Chowan Precinct

Col. Henry Bonner

William Downing

John Lovick

Col. Edward Moseley*

Cullen Pollock

Craven Precinct

William Handcock

Evan Jones

Currituck Precinct

John Etheridge

John Mann

Francis Morse

Thomas White

Stephen Williams

Hyde Precinct

William Barrow

Thomas Smith

New Hanover Precinct

John Porter

John Swann

Pasquotank Precinct

Gabriel Burnham

Charles Sawyer

John Sawyer

Col. Thomas Swann

Jeremiah Symons (Simons)

Perquimans Precinct

Zebulon Clayton

Charles Denman

Capt. Richard Sanderson

Richard Skinner

Samuel Swann

Tyrrell Precinct**



Town of Bath 

John Leahy

Town of Edenton

Charles Westbeer

Town of New Bern 

Walter Lane
* Edward Moseley was elected Speaker of the House. Ayliffe Williams was appointed Clerk. John Richards was appointed as Sergeant-at-Arms.
Tyrrell Precinct was created in 1729, but for some reason, it was not authorized to send delegates to the House of Representatives until January 15, 1734/35.
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