The Royal Colony of North Carolina

11th House of Burgesses - 1746

The 11th House of Burgesses during the Royal Period met in two sessions. The first session met in New Bern from June 12th to June 28th in 1746. The second session met in Wilmington from November 21st to December 5th in 1746.

This is also considered to be the 7th House of Burgesses under Royal Governor Gabriel Johnston.

On December 5, 1746, Governor Gabriel Johnston and his Executive Council dissolved the current General Assembly. They then called for a new election for a General Assembly to be held in New Bern in February of 1746/47 (next House).
Granville County and Johnston County were established in 1746 and they began sending representatives to this House of Burgesses.

Election District


Beaufort County

John Barrow

Benjamin Peyton

Bertie County

John Wynns



Bladen County

William Bartram

Joseph Clark (1)

Carteret County

Thomas Lovick

Arthur Mabson

Chowan County

Joseph Anderson

John Benbury

Joseph Blount

John Hodgson

Peter Payne

Craven County

James Macilwean

Francis Stringer

Currituck County

Thomas Lowther

William Shergoold

Henry White

Caleb Wilson


Edgecombe County

John Haywood

Joseph Howell

Granville County
(created in 1746)

William Eaton

Edward Jones

Hyde County

John Smith

John Smith, Jr.

Johnston County
(created in 1746)**

John Smith**

John West**

New Hanover County

Samuel Swann (2) / Rufus Marsden (3)

John Swann (4)

Northampton County

Benjamin Hill

James MacDowell

Onslow County

John Starkey

Samuel Swann*

Pasquotank County

Joseph Bailey

Simon Bryan

Thomas Pendleton

Julius Caesar Park

Benjamin Simons

Perquimans County

John Harvey

McRora Scarborough

Luke Sumner

Thomas Weeks


Tyrrell County

James Blount

Stephen Lee

William MacKay

Edward Phelps

Samuel Spruill

Town of Bath

Wyriot Ormond

Town of Edenton

James Craven

Town of New Bern

Thomas Pearson

Town of Wilmington

Thomas Clarke (5)
* Samuel Swann was elected Speaker of the House.
** Delegates from Johnston County took their seats at the beginning of the second session.
(1) Joseph Clark took his seat at the beginning of the second session.
(2) Samuel Swann was elected to represent both New Hanover and Onslow counties. He chosed to represent Onslow.
(3) Rufus Marsden took his seat at the beginning of the second session.
(4) John Swann took his seat at the beginning of the second session.
(5) Thomas Clarke died while in office during this assembly.
It is unclear to this Author if the blanks are due to names not being recorded, if some delegates were not elected, or if some delegates merely did not show up for the assembly.
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