The American Revolution in North Carolina

Thomas Person

Brigadier General over the Hillsborough District Brigade of Militia - 1776-1777

On May 4, 1776, the NC Provincial Congress appointed Thomas Person as the Brigadier General over the Hillsborough District Brigade of Militia. He resigned his commission in May of 1777, and was replaced by Brig. Gen. John Butler.

Thomas Person was a delegate to the First Provincial Congress of August 1774 in New Bern; the Third Provincial Congress of August 1775 in Hillsborough; the Fourth Provincial Congress of April 1776 in Halifax; and the Fifth Provincial Congress of November 1776, also in Halifax. Thomas Person served on the Council of State during much of the American Revolution. He was a member of the NC House of Commons from 1777 to 1786, 1788 to 1781, 1793 to 1795, and in 1797. He was in the NC Senate in 1787 and 1791.

Thomas Person was born on January 19, 1733, the son of William Person and Ann ?, in Surry County, VA. He married Johanna Philpot (another source asserts her name was Johanna Thomas), his cousin, and they had no children. His nephew, William Person Little, was adopted as his heir. He died on November 16, 1800 in Granville County, NC.

Person County was created in 1791 and named for Thomas Person.

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