The American Revolution in North Carolina

Richmond County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers:

October 30, 1779

Col. Henry William Harrington
Col. Charles Medlock
Col. Thomas Crawford

Col. Henry William Harrington
Col. Charles Medlock
Lt. Col. John Donaldson
Maj. John Jones
Maj. William Mask

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. John Donaldson
Lt. Col. Brereford
Lt. Col. Edward Williams

Maj. John Jones
Maj. Wiliam Mask
Maj. William Wall

None Known

Known Captains:

Moses Chambers

John Childs

Francis Cole

Stephen Cole

John Cowper

John Donaldson

William Easterling

Nicholas Greers

Adolph Hedrick

Daniel Hicks

William Hunter, Sr.

Thomas Jennings

Zack McDonald

James Murphy

John Speed

William Threadgill

Thomas Wade

William Wall

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

 John McAlister


Reuben Wilkinson

Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:


James Smith


Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

Benjamin Covington

Humphrey Rogers

John Sutton

Brief History of the Regiment:

On October 30, 1779, the NC General Assembly created Richmond County and its regiment of Militia out of the eastern half of Anson County and its Militia. All officers were appointed and commissioned by the Governor.

The Richmond County Regiment was active until the end of the war. Units of this regiment were known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Camden (SC)


Beatti's Bridge


Richmond & Cumberland Counties


Little Raft Swamp


Eutaw Springs (SC)

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