The American Revolution in North Carolina

NC Light Dragoons Regiment

Date Established:


Known Lt. Colonels:

February 1779

Col. François DeMalmedy

Lt. Col. Hardy Sanders
Lt. Col. Thomas Taylor

Date Disbanded:

Known Majors:

Known Adjutants:

Late 1781

Maj. Richard Allen
Maj. Robert Bell
Maj. William Buford
Maj. John Henderson
Maj. Pleasant Henderson
Maj. Samuel Henderson
Maj. Cosmo Medici
Maj. John Rowan

None Known

Known Quarter Masters:


Edmund Gamble


Known Captains:

Thomas Alston

William Armstrong (Rowan)

Samuel Ashe, Jr.

William Brackin

William Buford

Mordecai Clark

William Clark

Matthew Collier

Robert Council

John Williams Daniel

William Richardson Davie

Baron DeGloback

Jacob Duckworth

John Duckworth

William Galbreath

Edmund Gamble

William Gill

William Goodman

Davis Gresham

Joshua Hadley

James Hall

John Henderson

Samuel Henderson

Benjamin Herndon

James Herndon

Robert High

John George Lowman

James Lytle

James Moore (Orange)

Mark Patterson

Martin Phifer

James Purviance

? Redwine

John Robertson

? Samson

? Summers

John Taylor (Granville)

John Taylor (Orange) 

William Thomas

Ralph Williams

Solomon Wood

Stephen Your

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:


West Harris


Brief History of the Regiment:

In February of 1779, the NC Light Dragoons companies that had been removed from the NC Continental Line were re-assembled, along with other units, into a new NC Light Dragoons Regiment. Some considered this regiment to be Militia, while others considered them to be NC State Troops since units from all across the State were integrated into this regiment. Originally assigned to various county regimental commanders to lead in February of 1779, it was not long before these companies were consolidated under Col. François DeMalmedy.

Col. François DeMalmedy was a Continental officer in the Northern Theater who came down with Major General Benjamin Lincoln and Brigadier General Kasimir Pulaski in late 1778 or early 1779. He had no men under him when he arrived in South Carolina. During early 1779, he actively sought a command, first under Major General Benjamin Lincoln as a Continental commander; but by the Summer of 1779, he was leading the various Light Dragoon companies of North Carolina, with their first engagment at the battle of Stono Ferry, SC on June 20, 1779.

Over the next two years, many Light Horse Militia companies ended up under Col. François DeMalmedy at various engagements. This makes it quite difficult to ascertain with any certainty as to the Captains actually under his command in this regiment. Many were simply "attached" to Col. DeMalmedy out of convenience since their field officers were either sick or absent for other reasons. Some of the Captains identified above may have never been formally included in this regiment but were simply "attached" out of convenience, as mentioned.

Not long after the battle of Eutaw Springs, SC, Col. François DeMalmedy was killed in a duel by an officer named Maj. Smith Snead (VA) at the High Hills of the Santee in SC. It appears that upon his death there was no officer really pressing to keep this regiment together. The NC Light Dragoons Regiment simply dissolved and the officers returned to their home counties for re-assignment. Some ended up in the newly-recreated NC State Regiment.


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Stono Ferry (SC)


Siege of Savannah (GA)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Fishing Creek (SC)


Cowpens (SC)


New Garden Meeting House


Guilford Court House


Ramsey's Mill


Stewart's Creek #1


Eutaw Springs (SC)

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