The American Revolution in North Carolina

NC Light Dragoons
On April 16, 1776, the General Assembly authorized the creation of three companies of NC Light Dragoons. These are first considered to be Provincial Troops then State Troops.


1st Captain

NC Light Dragoons - 1st Company

John Dickerson*

NC Light Dragoons - 2nd Company

Martin Phifer

NC Light Dragoons - 3rd Company

James Jones**

NC Light Dragoons - 4th Company***

John Brown***

 On March 7, 1777, these were placed on the NC Continental Line.

*Resigned in February of 1777. Replaced by Capt. Samuel Ashe, Jr. on March 7, 1777.

**Resigned on October 25, 1776. Replaced by Capt. Cosmo Medici (acting at first).

***4th Company created in June of 1778.

Robert Council asserts he was made a Captain of the NC Light Dragoons on July 1, 1778, and when these were removed from the NC Continental Line, he was then under Col. François DeMalmedy in the newly-created NC Light Dragoons Regiment. There are no other sources for this 7/1/1778 assignment.

All companies of NC Light Dragoons were removed from the NC Continental Line on January 1, 1779 and ordered to disband. The NC General Assembly decided to retain these units, but it took them several months to figure out how best to employ them. Between February and June of 1779, they were assembled into a new Regiment of State Troops under ex-Continental Col. François DeMalmedy, who had marched south with Major General Benjamin Lincoln in late 1778.

Many considered this new Regiment to be Militia, while most considered them to be State Troops. The unit was simply called the NC Light Dragoons Regiment.

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