The American Revolution in North Carolina

NC Independent Companies
On April 29, 1776, the General Assembly authorized the creation of five (5) independent companies of Provincial Troops to protect the coast from Currituck to Cape Fear:



Bogue Inlet Independent Company*

Selby Harney

Cape Fear Independent Company**

John King****

Core Sound Independent Company***

Enoch Ward

Ocracoke Independent Company***

James Anderson

Outer Banks Independent Company***

Dennis Dauge

* Discharged on 11/21/1776 so he could join the 8th NC Regiment as a Major. Replaced by Capt. Seth Harvey on 11/27/1777. Company disbanded in December of 1777.

** Company disbanded on 11/21/1776.

***Company disbanded in December of 1777. In 1777, these were considered State Troops.

****Discharged in June 1776 due to enlistment irregularities. Replaced by Capt. William Purviance.

On July 30, 1779, the Council of State authorized the re-establishment of the Ocracoke Independent Company, which remained active for the remainder of the war. Capt. Adam Gaskill led this unit.

 Ocracoke Independent Company

Adam Gaskill

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