The American Revolution in North Carolina

Burke County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers:

May 9, 1777
(Was the 2nd Rowan County Regiment)

Col. Charles McDowell
Col. William Sharpe
Col. Robert Holmes
Col. Joseph McDowell

Col. Charles McDowell
Col. William Sharpe
Lt. Col. William Porter
Lt. Col. William Wofford
1st Maj. Hugh Brevard
1st Maj. William Whitson
2nd Maj. Joseph McDowell
2nd Maj. George Wilfong

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. William Porter
Lt. Col. William Wofford
Lt. Col. Hugh Brevard
Lt. Col. Robert Holmes
Lt. Col. Alexander Irvin
Lt. Col. Joseph McDowell

1st Maj. Hugh Brevard
1st Maj. William Whitson
2nd Maj. Joseph McDowell (1)
2nd Maj. George Wilfong
Maj. Robert Holmes
Maj. James Mackey
Maj. Francis McCastle
Maj. Joseph McDowell (2)
Maj. Moffett
Maj. William Moon
Maj. George Taylor
Maj. Joseph White
Maj. Thomas White
Maj. David Wilson

None Known

Miscellaneous Players:

John Carson - Paymaster


John Davidson - Commissary

Known Captains:

William Adams

James Alexander

Waightstill Avery

Robert Ballew

James Barr

William Beekman

John Bickerstaff

George Blair

John Bowman

Joshua Bowman

? Boykin

Josiah Branham

James Britton

Robert Brown

Jonathan Camp

John Carson

George Cathey

William Cathey

Mordecai Clark

John Connelly

Francis Cunningham

Martin Davenport

James Davidson

Samuel Davidson

William Davidson

James Davis

John Davis

John Dobson

Joseph Dobson, Jr.

David Falls

Gills Fauldis

Edmund Fear

Archibald Fleming

Peter Ford

Samuel Forgay

James Forgery

? Gilmore

James Gray

Nicholas Hale

John Harden

John Hazzleburger

Thomas Hemphill

Henry Highland

John Holmes

Robert Holmes

Joshua Inman

Alexander Irvin

George Johnson

Gilliam Johnson

William Johnson

John Jones

Thomas Kennedy

Andrew Killian

Samuel Killian

Matthew Kuykendall

Thomas Lytle

Samuel Martin

John McClure

John McDaniel

Charles McDowell

John McDowell

Joseph McDowell

David McFalls

James McFarland

John McFarland

Robert McFarland

William McKenzie

Samuel Miller

John Montgomery

William Moon

Samuel Moore

William Moore

William Morrison

William Murry

William Neill

? Norwood

Benjamin Osborn

Robert Patton

? Paxton

George Penland

William Penland

James Ramsey

Henry Reed

William Reed

Adam Reep

Isaac Shockey

John Sigman

Daniel Smith

John Smith

Robert Smith

William Smith

John Sorrell

John Sumter

William Sumter

George Taylor

Leroy Taylor

Lewis Taylor

Hugh Torrance

David Vance

George Walker

John Watson

? Welch

? Whitaker

James T. White

Joseph White

Richard White

Daniel Whitener

Thomas Whitson


Samuel Woods


Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

George Blair

John Freeman

William Jones

Benjamin Osborn


Isaac Van Horn

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

James Dysart

William Dysart

James Hemphill

James Kerr

Joseph Kerr

Joseph McCorkle

? McKay

Peter Morrison

John Neill

James Prichard

Frederick Sexton

Palsor Sigman

Fergus Snoddy

James Snoddy

William Snoddy

James Stephenson, Jr.

James Williams

James Wilson

Brief History of Regiment:

The Burke County Regiment was created on May 9, 1777, and it was essentially a renaming of the 2nd Rowan County Regiment, which had been created in late 1775.

The Burke County Regiment was active until the end of the war. Units of this regiment were known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Briar Creek (GA)


Chickamauga Towns (TN)


Stono Ferry (SC)


Lockhart's Plantation (GA)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Moncks Corner #1 (SC)


Ramseur's Mill


Gowen's Old Fort (SC)


Earle's Ford (SC)


Prince's Fort (SC)


Thicketty Fort (SC)


Wofford's Iron Works (SC)


Camden (SC)


Fishing Creek (SC)


Musgrove's Mill (SC)


Cane Creek


Kings Mountain (SC)


Blackstocks (SC)


Cowpens (SC)


Cowan's Ford


Tarrant's Tavern


Guilford Court House


Hobkirk's Hill (SC)


Siege of Ninety-Six 1781 (SC)


Siege of Augusta (GA)


Eutaw Springs (SC)


Cherokee Expedition 1782


Lookout Mountain (TN)

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