The American Revolution in North Carolina

2nd Rowan County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers:

October 22, 1775

Col. Adlai Osborne
Col. Christopher Beekman
Col. William Sharpe

Col. Adlai Osborne
Lt. Col. Christopher Beekman
Maj. Charles McDowell

Date Disbanded:

Known Lt. Colonels: 

Known Majors:

May 9, 1777
(Became the Burke County Regiment)

Lt. Col. William Armstrong
Lt. Col. Christopher Beekman
Lt. Col. James Brittain
Lt. Col. Charles McDowell

1st Maj. Hugh Brevard
2nd Maj. George Wilfong
Maj. Joseph McDowell

Date Re-Established:


Known Lt. Colonels:

May 1, 1782

Col. James Brandon

Lt. Col. David Caldwell

 Date Disbanded Again:

Known Majors:

Known Adjutants:

End of War

Maj. John Lopp
Maj. Jacob Nichols

George Wilfong (1775)

Micellaneous Players:

John Davidson - Pack Horse Master (1776)


James Greenlee - Wagon Master (1776)

Known Captains:

James Armstrong

James Barr

Christopher Beekman

William Beekman

? Cain

Jonathan Camp

John Connelly

Thomas Cowan

David Crawford

George Davidson

Samuel Davidson

William Davidson

William Lee Davidson

Jacob Eckles

Archibald Fleming

John Graham

James Gray

John Harden

Henry Highland

Robert Holmes

Thomas Kennedy

Thomas Lytle

Francis McCorkle

Charles McDowell

Charles McDowell

John McDowell

Joseph McDowell

William Moon

William Moore

James Morrison

Reuben Morrison

William Morrison

Peter Mull

William Penland

James Purviance

David Robinson

James Roddy

Conrad Rudolph

John Russell

Leroy Taylor

Lewis Taylor

Joseph White

Reuben White


Thomas Whitson

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:


Henry Hallman


Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

John Henderson


Peter Myers

Brief History of the Regiment:

On October 22, 1775, the Rowan County Regiment was split into two separate and distinct regiments - the 1st Rowan County Regiment and the 2nd Rowan County Regiment. The 1st Rowan County Regiment retained most of the original members of the original Rowan County Regiment.

Much of the 2nd Rowan County Regiment marched towards the coast, but they were all too late for the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge on February 27, 1776. They stopped at Cross Creek, then turned around for home.

On May 9, 1777, the 2nd Rowan County Regiment was renamed as the Burke County Regiment, and the 1st Rowan County Regiment reverted back to its original name - the Rowan County Regiment.

On May 1, 1782, this unit was once again split into two separate and distinct regiments - the 1st Rowan County Regiment and the 2nd Rowan County Regiment. For the latter, they named seven (7) captains, specifically in the western portion of the county: David Caldwell, Thomas Cowan, David Crawford, George Davidson, John Graham, Jacob Nichols, and James Purviance. All musters were to be held at the plantation lately occupied by Christopher Irvin.

The recreated 2nd Rowan County Regiment continued until the end of the war. Units of this regiment are known to have participated in the following battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


McDowell's Station


Cherokee Expedition 1776


Cherokee Expedition 1782

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