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An Act to Establish Graded Schools in the City of New Bern.

1899 Public Laws: Chapter 547

Public Laws and Resolutions of the State of North Carolina Passed in 1899 - Pages 735-736.

The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

Section 1. The mayor and aldermen of the city of New Bern are hereby authorized and required to submit to the qualified voters of said city at the next regular election of aldermen and under the rules and regulations governing said election, whether an annual tax shall be levied therein for the support of two or more graded schools in said city for both races. That such qualified voters at such election are authorized to vote on either printed or written ballots the words "For schools" and "Against schools, " and the penalties for illegal and fraudulent voting in this election shall be the same as in the election for aldermen in said city of New Bern.

Sec. 2. In case of a majority of the qualified voters at such election shall vote "For schools" a tax shall be levied and collected by the authorities upon all property and polls in said city, under the same rules and regulations by which other taxes are levied and collected, and the tax collector shall be subject to the same liabilities for collection and disbursement as he is or may be for city taxes: Provided, the special taxes so levied and collected shall not exceed one eighth of one per centum on the value of property and thirty-seven and one half cents on the poll, and that the taxes thus levied and collected shall be applied exclusively for the support of two or more "graded public schools" and shall not be appropriated or expended for any other purpose.

Sec. 3. That the board of trustees of the New Bern Academy be and are hereby constituted the board of trustees for the said graded schools. That said board shall have power to fill all vaeancies occurring in said board, to employ teachers and to do all such acts as may be necessary to carry on said graded schools for both races.

Sec. 4. That the money arising from the special taxes herein provided for, collected from the property and polls, shall as soon as collected be paid over to such person or persons as the board of trustees aforesaid shall appoint and that the public school money which shall from time to time be collected under the general law for public school purposes applicable for the children in said city of New Bern shall be paid over to said board of trustees by the treasurer of Craven County as soon as appointed, and shall be applied for keeping up the said public graded schools.

Sec. 5. That the superintendent and teachers of the schools in this Act provided for may be paid such compensation as may be deemed just and proper.

Sec. 6. That this Act shall be in force from and after its ratification.

Ratified the 6th day of March, A.D. 1899.

Daniel L. Russell, Jr., Governor
Charles A. Reynolds, Lt. Governor and President of the Senate
Henry Groves Connor, Speaker of the House of Representatives

State of North Carolina,
Office of Secretary of State,
Raleigh, April 28th, 1899.

I, Cyrus Thompson, Secretary of State, hereby certify that the
foregoing (manuscript) are true copies of the original acts and reso-
lutions on file in this office.

Cyrus Thompson,
Secretary of State.

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