North Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

An Act to Provide for the Support and Maintenance of the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.

1893 Public Laws: Chapter 378

Public Laws and Resolutions of the State of North Carolina Passed in 1893 - Page 382.

The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

Section 1. That the sum of ten thousand dollars annually for the years eighteen hundred and ninety-three and eighteen hundred and ninety-four be and is hereby appropriated for the support, maintenance and extension of the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, to be paid on the first days of March and September of each year, out of funds in the treasury.

Sec. 2. That this Act shall be in force from and after its ratification.

Ratified the 6th day of March, A.D. 1893.

Elias Carr, Governor
Rufus A. Doughton, Lt. Governor and President of the Senate
Lee S. Overman, Speaker of the House of Representatives

State of North Carolina,
Office Secretary of State,
Raleigh, June 13, 1893.

I, Octavius Coke, Secretary of State, hereby certify that the fore-
going are true copies of the original public acts and resolutions on
file in this office.

Octavius Coke,
Secretary of State.

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