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An Act Concerning a Devise to the Oxford Orphan Asylum.

1883 Private Laws: Chapter 65

Private Laws of the State of North Carolina Passed in 1883 - Pages 751-752.

Whereas, the late E. P. Powell, of Halifax, by his last will and testament duly executed, proved and recorded, did therein devise and bequeath as follows, namely:

"All the balance of my estate of every description I will and bequeath unto the state of North Carolina for the sole use and benefit of the Orphan Asylum, located at Oxford, North Carolina, to be paid over to said asylum in installments as the legislature of North Carolina may deem best for the benefit of said asylum."

And whereas, it is impracticable for the state of North Carolina to hold the estate and property conveyed by said devise and bequest as a trustee, and it is meet that the same should be vested in the head of the masonic order, of which the said asylum is a charity; therefore,

The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

Section 1. That the state of North Carolina does hereby relinquish its right to act as trustee as aforesaid, and does hereby constitute and appoint, in its lieu and stead, as trustee as aforesaid, the present Grand Master of Masons in North Carolina, being Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina, and his successors in office, who shall hold all the property so conveyed, in and by said will, to and for the use of said asylum, and shall receive and pay over to such persons, at such times and in such manner as the said grand lodge shall prescribe, the income of said property: Provided always, that the whole of the net income thereof shall be devoted to the uses of the said asylum.

Sec. 2. That said grand lodge may, in its discretion, and by a three-fourths vote, (by lodges), sell said property and invest the same in such other estate or property as to the said lodge may seem expedient.

Sec. 3. This Act shall take effect from and after its ratification.

In the general assembly read three times, and ratified this the 28th day of February, A.D. 1883.

Thomas J. Jarvis, Governor
George M. Rose, Speaker of the House of Representatives
James L. Robinson, Lt. Governor and President of the Senate

State of North Carolina,
Office of Secretary of State,
Raleigh, May 24th, 1883.

I, William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, hereby
certify that the foregoing (manuscript) are true copies of
the original acts and resolutions on file in this office.

William L. Saunders,
Secretary of State.

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