North Carolina - Acts on Education Topics

An Act to Revive and Act, Passed in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirteen, Entitled "An Act for Erecting an Academy in the Town of Tarborough."

1846-1847 - Private Acts - Chapter CXIV

Laws of the State of North Carolina Passed in 1846-1847 - Page 260.

Whereas by length of time, non user, death, resignation and removal of the trustees named in the before recited Act, the said Act has become obsolete and ceased to have effect:

Sec. 1. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That from and after the passage of this Act, the before recited Act be, and the same is hereby revived; and that Theophilus Parker, George Howard, Henry T. Clark, Robert Norfleet, Robert Austin, Josiah Lawrence, James Rodman, John S. Dancy and James Weddell, be, and the same are hereby constituted and appointed trustees for said Academy, who shall have and possess the same powers and authorities, as contained in the before recited Act.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That all laws and clauses of laws coming in conflict with these provisions be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Ratified 2nd of January, 1847.

William Alexander Graham, Governor
Edward Stanly, Speaker of the House of Commons
Andrew Joyner, Speaker of the Senate

Secretary of State's Office, April 1847

I, William Hill, Secretary of State in and for the State of North Carolina,
do hereby certify that the Acts and Resolutions contained in this Pamphlet
are true copies of the original Acts and Resolutions passed by the General
Assembly of this State, at its late session.

William Hill, Secretary of State

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